Summer Playlist.

Words: Fiona Donnellan. 

Nothing screams summer like festival season kicking off. What better way to handpick the best songs of the summer then to enlist the help of festival line ups.

They really are the best resource for gathering your summer’s essential tunes, from the cityscape of Forbidden Fruit, the boutique setting of Castlepalooza to the always reliably epic Electric Picnic. The artists playing them coupled with the songs they produce manage inevitably to become our summer anthems. Effortlessly seeping their way into our music friendly brains. So turn up the volume, these songs need to be played loud, the best songs of the summer so far, according to me.

Rock merchants ASIWYFA play Castlepalooza, along with a host of other dates, they’re touring junkies and their track ‘Big Thinks do Remarkable’ makes the grade for my summer playlist. British producer Bonobo kicked off the summer releases back in April with The North Borders, one of the best releases so far this year, and the stand out track from it has to be ‘Emkay’. The perfect mix, and the quintessential summer playlist contender.

Following the success of their debut self titled album, Crystal Castles are back this year with their album part trois, the trendy duo have wowed before and they’ve wowed again here with their third installment. They absolutely killed it at both Primavera and Forbidden Fruit, especially with track ‘Violent Youth’. On the other end of the loud electronic spectrum is Daughter, they are like a lovely mix between First Aid Kit and Florence and the Machine, that’s why ‘Smoother’ is another summer favourite. Sweet music to the ears.

Next up is Disclosure. These two lads are going places, get involved with the electronic revolution before you miss it. I love all their tracks from EP to album, but best track is ‘White Noise’. Another song of the season is from Health, John Famiglietti distracting with his onstage antics at Forbidden Fruit, but nothing can distract from track ‘Tears’.

He had the unfortunate luck of clashing with Chic at Forbidden Fruit, so while thousands danced to ‘Le Freak’ some opted to catch Fourtet. And why wouldn’t they, he is an amazing producer. Reason enough to make my list with single ‘Pyramid’.

Jon Hopkins has such a diverse sound so, not surprisingly ‘Abandon Window’ is a must hear track this season. It’s be rude to leave him out, Kanye West, what can I say…he never fails, enter ‘Black Skinhead’. A top notch release.

Little Green Cars are Irish but have set the entire world alight with their debut album. So hard to choose a stand out track, but ‘My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me,’ is a perfect summer accessory. Next up is festival veterans The National with ‘Fireproof’ from their latest release, that man’s voice is like caramel. Speaking of veterans, charismatic Nick Cave had men and women alike swooning over him at Body and Soul, and all because he’s a seriously talented front man. Single ‘We No Who U R’ is proof of that.

From Cavan to Glastonbury these lads really came out of left field this year, and ‘Blue Collar Jane’ helped them make my A list, and the crown on their awesome year so far will be Electric Picnic.
So there you have it, the songs and bands blazing their way through the festival season, and onto my summer playlist. When it comes to summer songs, much like rain there is never going to be a shortage.

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