The Shutterbug Kilo Experience.

The lovely and previous intern of ours, Kim Cadogan took a trip to Shutterbug’s kilo sale held in Moxie Studios on Saturday. Here she tells us how she got on and gives us all some very useful tips for future kilo shopping!

Tales have reached me about these Shutterbug kilo sales, often armed with a bin bag full of gorgeous clothes and accompanied with a slightly manic exclamation of “I GOT ALL OF THIS FOR €50”. So when the event invitation popped up on Facebook, promises of “the HUGEST kilo sale EVER” and already about 1000 people attending, I wanted in. Even though the thought of 1000 people, most of which would have a better chance squeezing themselves into tiny embellished dresses than I would my right arm, let loose on 60 six foot rails bursting with clothes from the most reputable vintage store in the country left me feeling slightly anxious and having flashbacks of Supermarket Sweep, I was getting paid the day before and had the day itself off work. I took this as a sign.

For those who don’t know Shutterbug is, in my humble opinion, hands down one of the best places to shop in Ireland, run and owned by the lovely and uber stylish Blanaid Hennessy it is well worth the trip down to 27 Patrick Street, Kilkenny to sample the beautiful vintage wares. With a store ethos like “overdressed for the occasion, underdressed for the weather” and also stocking Jeffery Campbell and Miista shoes, I doubt you need much convincing. The Kilo sale is a biannual event, usually hosted in Dublin or Kilkenny, where instead of paying for items by the original  price tag, they are sold by weight – €20 for a kilo.


Armed with the boyfriend – after persuading him with promises that there will be lots of lovely leather jackets – and the besto (she didn’t need persuading even though she’s supposed to be a broke student) I desperately tried to work out how many kilos I would be able to carry without collapsing. Even though the doors of Moxie Studios on Lad Lane (I got a good laugh out of that one) didn’t open until 11am, we arrived at 10 and the already formed que drove us straight to the coffee vendor – which was rotten and tasted like plastic, 1/10 would not recommend to a friend.  The Camo jacket wearing team from Shutterbug were also giving out free Coconut Water to everyone in the que, bless their cotton socks!

Surprisingly these things do start on time; it was all a bit “feeding time at the zoo” come 11 but definitely not as bad as I had anticipated! Led into the large, bright studio space the Folkster pop up shop was first on the agenda. Stocking all the new collections included lace kimonos, their signature sequinned dresses, bowler hats, jewellery and, of course, The Jeffery Campbells! All of the above was beautiful merchandised in such a small space and it definitely made it difficult not to spend all of your money there before entering the piece de resistance, the kilo sale itself!

The area reserved was sectioned off into a number of different rooms and everything was neatly organized on well executed rails, my inner neurotic breathed a sigh of relief, denim with denim, jumpers with jumpers etc. In America where kilo sales are more common, there is a lot of rummaging through boxes on the floor so hats off to Shutterbug for making this event more like the shopping experience that we all know and love. Complete with onsite DJ, toilets, changing rooms and literally bursting full of gorgeous clothes.


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it and came away delighted but slightly staggering under the weight of my purchases

The shirt equivalent of a china tea cup

Sequinned lilac box shaped top (because if you leave Shutterbug without sequins, you might not be allowed back)

The softest cardigan in the world, looks like something your granny would have knitted you when you were a baby complete with pink ribbon patches and pearl buttons. It’s adorable and I already love it to death!

White tennis skirt in pristine condition

Red, dark green and black pleated kilt, think what the high street are putting out inspired by The Craft for A/W but nicer quality and a fraction of the price.

Knee length acid wash denim skirt – sounds horrendous, I assure you it’s amazing

Black knee length pleated chiffon skirt with satin trim

Turquoise Lacoste polo shirt

Black embroidered chiffon kimono jacket

Black 80’s peplum LBD

Levi’s denim jacket

Coming in at a weight of just under 3.5 kilos, I paid a grand total of €65 for all of this! Every item I bought/tried on/saw was in immaculate condition and as Shutterbug are known for their take on street style vintage everything is completely wearable (I did see a girl try on a pair of assless chaps but each to their own) and personally, exactly what my wardrobe needed after reaping the Topshop sales and getting bored of it all after a week.


My tips for kilo sale shopping

  1. Do your research

Shutterbug’s website and Facebook page ( are well worth a look to know what is going to be on offer. I made a list of key pieces that I knew were going to be on offer and would sit well with my personal style along with the trends for A/W (tartan skirt, denim jacket) and as a result I ended up with clothes that I know I’ll get wear out of and won’t be left sitting in my wardrobe. Also try to work out how many skirts/shirts/pairs of denim shorts amount to a kilo so you won’t be stressed out about overspending!

  1. Dress for the occasion

When queuing I noticed a girl behind me dressed in a complicated looking jumpsuit and a pair of spindly (but gorgeous) Zara stiletto sandals and while she looked great I couldn’t help but think what a nightmare trying stuff on was going to be for her. I know it’s a fashion event and everyone wants to look nice surrounded by the incredibly stylish girls that frequent these kind of things but sweatin’ with your arms full of clothes and someone standing on your bare toes when trying to grab the last pair of dungarees is never a good look. I wore a shirt dress with a black crop top layer over it to see how skirts would look, opaque tights and 1461’s Doc’s that are easy to slip in and out of.

  1. Leave the modesty at home

I would definitely recommend trying everything you’ve picked up on before purchasing because with vintage clothes the sizing is often a bit funny and a lot of the pieces don’t have sizes on the tags. I can’t imagine anything worse than coming home with a bag full of new clothes and nothing fitting properly. Shutterbug provide both private and communal changing rooms on site for this purpose and while the queues are long, from experience it is MUCH quicker to opt for the communal version. Also you might spy someone discard something gorgeous; don’t be afraid to ask if you can try it on if they’ve decided not to buy it!

  1. Be observant

This may sound obvious but make sure to check the rails by the changing rooms of clothes being put back out on the floor, one man’s trash after all. Also the men’s section was full to bursting of amazing leather jackets, oversized flannel shirts and band t-shirts which is well worth a look for girls too.

On the bus back into town we were talking about how the money we had spent could have financed a big dirty night out but we conceded the money was well spent, a rare thing. High praise indeed to everyone involved.

Until next time!

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