A/W: top ten transitional pieces…

It’s that time of year again. When the temperature falls just below bare leg weather (not that it veered too high above that level all Summer, but we still got the pins out as much as we could .Pat on the back deserved for effort alone, right? )
Anyhow, layers start making their way back into everyone’s wardrobe.

They are…. kind of  like a relative coming to stay. A cute, novelty at first but a pain in the ass come the height of winter. A pain in the ass that you can’t live without. Gah!
But for the moment, layers are fun.  And I , for one, welcome Autumn with open arms. I know how to dress in this weather.

Summer in Ireland is an emotional roller coaster. We are bombarded with images and reminders that, yes it should be really hot and sunny, but most years Summer ends up being a total wash out. Literally. So with this cynical attitude in mind, most of us Irish were completely unprepared for the glorious Summer that we experienced this year. We were also (mostly) unwilling to commit to an entire wardrobe overhaul to match the weather, as we had one eye at all times on the sky…just waiting for the dreaded rain clouds to appear. So what resulted, for a lot of people, was trying to mix their weather proofed wardrobe with temperatures of up to 30 degrees. (did you hear me? 30!That’s like a million degrees to an Irish person. )

So faced with the certainty of an Irish Autumn, I have made a wish list of items that will carry me through to Winter.

Disclaimer: This list is compiled from places that I can afford to shop from. Alas, my bank balance doesn’t allow me to purchase bespoke Irish designs, but if it did.,,,this list would look very different! 

1.The Stripe: Ah, 
The good ‘ole Breton Stripe.
This is by Armor Lux. I believe that they are creators of the perfect striped tee. This brand is stocked in Bow , Powerscourt, Dublin. Dangerously lovely. You have been warned.

armour lux2.The Jean: These tube jeans were recommended by Vlogger Roisin Thora. They are from River Island and apparently don’t stretch out at the ankle. There is nothing that pains me like a pair of skinnies losing their ankle stretch. I also love the high-waisted-ness of them. (That’s a word right? ) Great for tucking in  a tee and throwing a knit over.



3.The Cardigan: Perfect for layering, and even more perfect for days when it’s not so cold that you need a coat. I love a good cardigan. Thrown over a dress, or with the above two items, this mustard number will bring a bit of Autumnal warmth to any outfit. This is from Monki.



4.The Boot:
Asos have an amazing range of boots at the moment.  Every A/W I buy a new pair of Chelsea boots and end up wearing them until they ( most often) fall apart at the seems. These ones are from ASOS , and are definitely on my hit list.

asos chelsea boot

5.The Dress:
Man , oh man  , how I love a comfy T-shirt dress. This grey jersey one is another find from Monki. I can imagine this dress as being something I don’t mind throwing on in the morning , no matter how cold. Paired with tights I reckon it will be a stylish and more importantly, warm addition to my wardrobe.


6.The Bling: 
I have about 45 thousand necklaces. I heart them. If I was to star in a romantic comedy, a necklace would be my leading man. Seriously. I have issues. Anyhow, I don’t own enough silver ones, and this chunky chappy is from Zara. I want. I need. Gimme.

2897204808_1_1_17.The Printed Trouser: 
I am l-o-v-i-n-g trousers at the moment, Especially printed ones. I think that they give an outfit an edge and any size or  shape can find the perfect style. Paired with heels or loafers, these check ones from Zara are a delight. I can totally imagine wearing these in both dressy and casual situations.



8.The Coat: 
Every Irish Mammy will tell you that you need a ” Good. Winter. Coat.” I am a firm believer in being WARM, but also enjoy the pretty things in life. I also believe that a coat is one of the most important things in your wardrobe. You will wear it most days and to be honest it will become almost a uniform that you will be seen in. This waterfall style black coat from River Island combines style with function ( did I just quote a car Ad there? )
9.The Check Shirt: 
I love the lumberjack look. On boys, girls , grannies, dogs, anyone. I love it. I love check shirts too, but am in desperate need of a new one. Forever 21 are stocking some really lovely styles of check shirts at the moment, and are all really really reasonably priced. Bam.
forever 21 blouse
10. The Basic Tee. 
Cos is the home of simple and chic. Every time I enter a Cos store. I get visions of my life being better. I will buy that simple outfit, which will make me 40% chic-er and that will land me a huge promotion and eventually I will be Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl.…Erm…Ok Anyhow, I think every girl needs some good basics to build a base from and these long sleeve tees are amazing and come in a range of colours.

So what’s on your shopping list?

Words Una O’Boyle.
Images via store websites.

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