Artist Love: Jess Tobin.

Not only is Jess Tobin one of the most talented illustrators around, but recently she has ventured in to the world of street art under the name Novice. 
This is exciting for many reasons- she is  flying the flag for women in a heavily male populated scene and  also she’s bringing her colourful , fashion filled work to life on  walls around the city, a win all round!
Her work has been previously featured in Tabitha Magazine, but we couldn’t resist posting some of her new illustrations , as well as images from The Bernard Shaw. 

Sun hat & shades 1

I love street style

Models Ink Blue blog

Ink Face twitter


Two men and the mountains



Bernard Shaw Graff piece

Check out her blog, and twitter for further info. 

2 thoughts on “Artist Love: Jess Tobin.

  1. I actually passed her a while back when she was doing the Bernard Shaw piece! I wanted to high five her and be like “yussss!” but felt it would be a tad inappropriate. She’s deadly!

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