Top 5 Beauty Confessions…

1. I don’t tan. 
(Believe me, I have tried. I just can’t seem to get my skin to change colour. Sigh. ) 

Recently I was on a bus and overheard a group  of girls chatting. They were talking about using sunbeds and how much better they look for it. They also were talking about how “ugly” one of their friends were for not tanning. “Eugh she’s so pale. she’s like a ghost…”one of them spat out with a healthy dose of venom. These girls looked no older than  15 and it made me sad. Sad that their idea of beauty comes from how much you can change yourself, and sad that they feel like they have to in order to fit in. I don’t judge anyone for using tanning products or who use sun beds, but it does annoy me when people ask me why I don’t.  I love tanned skin it’s amazing. I would love to be naturally tanned. However as I get older, I am learning to love my skin in all it’s freckly, pale and blue-like state.  So for all you pale girls out there, when you are buying make up and the artist says “but you wear tan, right? let’s try a darker shade so” Stand up and say “NO!” or when someone suggests wearing tan instead of tights with a dress  (as if they are mutually exclusive !!?) don’ t be afraid to tell them that you are going au-natural. Look at how much Nicola Roberts blossomed when she embraced her natural state. (Don’t get me started on those teeth though!)

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2. I couldn’t give a crap about “the gap”. 

Ah the thigh gap. Or #thighgap as it is know on on instagram.
What, for some , is the ultimate stamp of beauty and discipline,  I think ,  is frankly bananas. I  KNOW I probably should care but… Imagine another negative space having it’s own tumblr page?
“Oh my god… I’m so jealous of how wide your toes are set. They don’t touch! #toegap” Insane right?
Again I’m not saying that I have issues with those who do have a thigh gap, but I just think that it’s a bit crazy for people to be pressurizing themselves to not have their thighs meeting. I’m a UK size 12. The only time I have a thigh gap is when I am running for the bus. I definitely wouldn’t mind a body like Giselle, however (again another thing learned with age) is that I’m not going to spend my time obsessing over that, and just chill the f*** out and be healthy and happy as a person.
Easier said than done, but it’s a process right? 

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3. I regularly choose beauty products based on how cute the packet is.

In one hand I have a green, healthy, organic, chemical free shampoo that’s guaranteed to make your hair as glossy as polished oak… In the other hand is a neon pink bottle with hello kitty blazoned across it that makes your hair smell like bubble gum. 9 times out of 10 I am going with hello kitty. I can’t help it. I really wish I would read ingredients in beauty products, but damn it , if it’s got cute packaging Ima take  it.
Maybe one day I’ll start to take things like that more seriously, but until then pass me the Spongebob loofah , I’m going for a shower.

large (1)
4. I bite my nails…a lot. 
It doesn’t take much to make me bite, usually stress, boredom, a particularly tense episode of Breaking Bad, I can’t help it if my hand wanders to my mouth and I start to nibble on my nails. I KNOW it’s gross. I KNOW it’s bad for both my teeth and my nails, I just have an addition OK? Since I was a child I have done it, and since then I have tried ..
1. Asking family members/ boyfriend to slap my hand when I do.
(That usually ends up in me slapping them back, and frankly stops just short of a Jeremy Kyle episode)
2. Using mustard on my fingers.
(Turns out, I kinda like mustard.)
3. Using those icky nail polishes that taste like chemical burn.
(Again, it’s amazing how your taste buds can adapt to something if you have an addiction)
4. Will Power.
(Will power…hahhahahhahahahahahahah)

Anyhow, the only thing that’s ever stopped me from biting my nails is …if they look really pretty and I don’t want to ruin it. Seriously. I am that shallow. So I would thoroughly recommend a Shellac manicure for anyone out there who wants to quit, because they don’t chip (and usually when my own polish chips I think, “meh it’s ruined already…chomp chomp chomp” )
And for anyone who says they ruin your nails, my nails couldn’t have gotten any worse than they were. Now they’re all long and strong and I have to use a real life nail file. Fancy.


5.Youtube is my friend…and my foe.
There are so many beauty vloggers on youtube. Some have introduced me to amazing beauty ideas (no heat curls, hurrah! It’s a revelation!)  while others have just introduced me to things that I didn’t even know existed, and therefore make life that little bit more complicated (Wait…I’m supposed to contour THERE?!!)

One of the best thing that youtube has thought me is , that there is a home remedy or solution to almost everything. When I was working freelance earlier this year money was,  in the words of simply red…”too tight to mention”.  I couldn’t afford the products  that my full time wage had allowed me to buy before, but my skin and hair didn’t get the “I’m broke ” memo, so continued their usual annoyance of being dry and unruly. So turning to youtube, I learned that eggs , baking powder and all sorts of crap you find in the fridge are good for smearing on you face and making it less offensive. I did try a particular face mask that made me feel like an omelette, which I will never try again, but for the most part even with the funds now there are certain things that I would definitely keep doing.

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So there you have it. My top 5 beauty confessions.
What are you guilty of?
Words: Una O’Boyle, 
Co-Editor, Tabitha Magazine. 

Images we heart it. 

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