Hashtag Clean Eating

Look it’s a rubik’s cube made out of healthy fruit! So pretttty! SOLD.


befitfoods instagram 

Ah the internet, an overwhelming place at the best of times. Do you remember when you had to share it with your siblings on the home computer, you’d get an hour (you would lose about 15 minutes of this waiting for the large box size computer to start up) to share between the lot of you as you had to unplug the phone line to get it going. Oh the bills sure they would go through the roof if you were on it for any longer!

Now look at us. Fingers spasming everyday because we are liking and hearting every chance we get. We come home to visit the parents and they sit there baffled as to why their kids are sitting there with phones glued to their face. But don’t you understand Memmy, Jessica Alba just posted another picture, we must heart it. #Sarcasm.

Back to the rubik’s cube. Ah yes Hashtag Clean Eating. Is anyone else on board with this? Share your thoughts please. I have never seen so much pretty food in all my days. I have essentially been educated through instagram, Home Economics taught me nothing! I am in no way preaching that I am now some sort of health freak and whipping up a cauliflower based pizza every chance I get and you must all follow suit. When you have an instagram page it’s hard to avoid the most popular hashtags or accounts and I am definitely glad the clean eating one didn’t pass me by.

I don’t know when you are hitting your late 20’s (ahh I can’t believe I just fucking said that!) you want to look after yourself a bit more. I saw all these pretty pictures a good while ago and became very intrigued so ever since I have been educating myself online about it and giving clean eating a go. Not in excess but I have been making small changes and I am reaping the benefits. I never really had a very unhealthy diet but I love ‘bad’ food (it’s so damn good!) as much as the next person.  Put a tub of ice-cream and an apple beside each other and you’re only allowed pick one, I was saying ice-cream even before I typed the word apple.

I am very cautious about ‘preaching’ or talking about something I am very passionate about online because like i said the internet is a very overwhelming place and the subject of food and eating and so on can be a sensitive one. You should not tell people what they should and should not eat but you can share your stories and take notes and learn from them. You have got to work out what is best for yourself in all walks of life and go from there. If you are interested in clean eating and have done some reading on it you will see for yourself that it is information overload. The same with anything you research, ‘you should eat this, no you should not eat that’ You know the drill.

Take from things what you will is my advice. What I love most about clean eating is that it can result in a healthy and happy mind, it makes you feel good, anything else you want to achieve weight loss etc, will follow after that.

I am taking baby steps with it and it is something that I am enjoying and that is what it is all about, a new hobby I guess. The biggest change I have noticed is in the morning time. I used to skip breakfast a lot of the time, rushing whatever, now most mornings I’ll have a big bowl of mixed fruit topped with chia seeds, natural yogurt, cinnamon and porridge oats and it’s like I am the pink duracell bunny.  It’s a really good feeling. I did make a quinoa and cinnamon bake a while back and I swear it tasted like an actual foot so like I said baby steps and all that.

I don’t really want to go down the road of saying you should check out this page and this one but I got these pretty pictures from the befitfoods  instagram page and it is definitely one of my favourites. Mouth watering stuff and great for tips on making smoothie’s or whatever it is that you like.


befitfoods instagram

There has been a massive surge in the awareness and promotion of health & fitness in the Irish media in the last year or two, maybe that is because I have been making myself more aware, I don’t know. Fitness supplement magazines in the newspapers, healthy tips everywhere you go, healthy juices such as the new ones in Bubblicity, the opening of a new KC Peaches on Dame St, more healthy menu options, it’s all good and yummy to be fair! Then of course there is the thousands of instagram accounts where you can follow healthy recipes and people’s fitness and clean eating journeys.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this if it is something you are interested in and side note- if you happen to bump into me at 3am some night and I am eating garlic & cheese fries I am very sorry, remember baby steps! and in the wise words of the great 80’s band Human League, “I’m only human of flesh and blood I’m made, human, born to make mistakes” 

Photos : Befitfoods instagram

Words: Louise Ryan, Tabitha magazine.

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