Lipstick Review: Kate Moss for Rimmel

Words & photos : Rachel Farrell

Blogger @ Oh hey there rachel

I’ve been on the hunt for a long lasting yet cheap neutral lipstick for a while now, and I’m glad to say I’ve found a brilliant one from Rimmel. The Kate Moss lipsticks have caused quite a stir with beauty lovers nationwide over the past year, and for myself, I love the matte berry shade, 107. Whilst shopping a few weeks ago, I bought shade 03- a gorgeous, glossy caramel toned lipstick. I’ve never seen a shade like it before, so I’m finding it difficult to describe it! It’s more of a brown toned neutral, rather than a pink.



Consistency wise, I actually find it quite similar to Mac lipsticks. It’s not too heavily pigmented, applies easily without clinging to dry patches, and leaves my lips glossy and smooth. I find this shade perfect for days when my eye makeup is the standout part of my look. The packaging is sleek, but because it was sealed with a sticker or something similar, it’s left little sticky bits around the rim, unfortunately. If you dislike scented lipsticks, I wouldn’t recommend this, as there is quite a strong taste funnily enough!



For under €7, this gem is definitely worth the money, and I will be purchasing more of these lipsticks, without a doubt!


Rating; 7/10

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