This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween Y’all!

Call me cray… but this is  my favourite holiday of the lot. I love everything about Halloween and this time of year- the colours, the smells, how cold and crisp it is, the spookyness in the air , dressing up, pumpkins..or.. more importantly Starbuck’s pumpkin spiced lattes…. I love everything about it really.
There is also nothing more fun than curling up with a blanket and scaring yourself silly with some movies.

So for anyone looking for inspiration on today the spookiest of all days here is a list of my top 5 favourite Halloween movies… Enjoy!

5. Scream. 
What’s your favourite scary movie?
Wes Craven’s 90’s slash fest. The story is told through the cliche’s of previous horror movies and to be fair, for it’s time broke a lot of movie rules, most famously the murder of the biggest star in scene one. Poor Drew!
This movie spawned a series of knock off, homages, parodies and was the creator of the easiest Halloween costume of all time. Mask? Check. Cape? Check. Good to go.
It’s a pretty silly movie, and the characters are all really really annoying (it’s bad when the viewer is siding with the killer, haha!) But there are plenty of scares and it’s gory without being the puke fest that is any of the Saw movies.

4. The Lost Boys. 
My own brother…a damn bloodsucking vampire!
I saw this movie when I was really really little, and it literally haunted me for years.  A horror movie with all the 80’s trimmings…including the two Corys an amazing soundtrack and some of the biggest hair ever seen on the undead. Who knew that Kiefer Sutherland could be such a scary mother ******?
So burn those copies of twilight and get your teeth stuck into (gah..sorry) one of the best vampire flicks ever.


3. Beetlejuice. 
Beetleuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

The original Robin Thicke! Beetlejuice is the story of a creepy ghoul who is hired by an unsuspecting recently deceased  couple to help them haunt their house. It’s arguably Tim Burton’s finest moment and manages to be funny, sad, scary and weird. The set building and costumes are magical while the sound track helped make a lot of the scenes really iconic.

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street. 
Whatever you do…don’t..fall..asleep. 
The entire concept of this movie is horrific. A monster that gets you in your dreams? Evil. Cruel…and the basis for many of my childhood nightmares. Freddie Kruger is the ultimate scary bad ass that he even comes with his own anthem.  Who remembers that terrifying song? 1..2.. Freddie’s coming for you. Even now at the age of 27 it still gives me chills and makes me want to youtube videos of kittens and puppies.

1. Hocus Pocus. 
Dead man’s toes? Nose? Chungs?

Ask most 90’s kids what their ultimate Halloween movie would be , and I’d bet my black flame candle on their answer being Hocus Pocus. Something about the casting (Bette Midler’s finest hour!) the set and costume design and the story made this Disney movie a classic. Even now 20 years on (YES. 20. years. *Pukes*)
this is the movie that I turn to when I want to get in the Halloween mood. I have always dreamed of hosting a party as amazing as Allison’s masque ball, and imagine that when I’m rich, I will have a cauldron overflowing with goodies for my trick or treaters.

So there you have it…I know there are PLENTY that I have left out.

What would your ultimate Halloween movie be?

Words Una O’Boyle,
Co-Editor , Tabitha Magazine.

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