Budget Beauty Haul.

My poor make up bag has been pretty neglected recently. With Christmas around the corner, laptops giving up on life (RIP my laptop) and a bill or two arriving a bit heftier than normal, ‘buy new make up’ was sadly relegated to the bottom of my to do list.
It’s funny what being broke can do for your peripheral vision. I would normally charge into Inglot or MAC and like moths to a flame, the pretty make up artists will attack, blinding me with their glossy hair and perfectly made up faces to sell me everything and anything. But being broke has made me need to work on my make up buying.

So after hearing talk of the Catrice range in Penneys / Primark, I decided to take a mosey in (and didn’t get sidetracked by all the fluffy PJ’s and pretty dresses… that’s a win for my bank account right?!)

So here are some of the bits that I picked up with a little review on each item…
Also if there’s any budget beauty products that have caught your attention, please leave a comment below and I’ll check ’em out!

1. Catrice Eyebrow Kit: €4
Well, isn’t this little gem just adorable. This eyebrow kit comes with two shades of brow shadow, and the worlds tiniest eyebrow comb,brush and tweezers. There is an added bonus mirror and the whole thing is all neat and compact.
I really like this set, I find it really easy to use, and I also like to pretend that I am a giant when I hold the teeny tiny brush.

0 DSC_3425

2. Catrice Highlighter Pen. €3
This highlighter comes in a snappy pen format,  is easy to blend and lasts for most of the day. It’s not the best highlighter that I’ve ever used, but for €3, it’s certainly gave my normal one a run for its money.


3. Catrice Eyeshadow pallete. €4
This eyeshadow pallete is yummy. The colours are shimmery, and perfect for a smoky eye. I love how easy these are to blend and the colours are pretty intense and true to what they look like on the pallete. I have been wearing this during the day as well as night-time, even though I normally never bother with anything more than mascara on my eyes for day time, I just think I’m a little addicted to this.


4. Essence, Studio Finish Ultra Gloss Topcoat: €3
This is my hero of the haul. This top coat promises glossy, smooth nails that don’t chip…and man does it deliver. I had my nail polish on and chip free for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. That’s the holy grail of nail care. Your nails aren’t quite as glossy or as strong as they would be after a Shellac polish, but for three euro, I will definitely be purchasing it again. I have been shouting from the rooftops (the proverbial rooftops…AKA told a few people in work) about this product…so go forth and be chip free!

5. Leather effect polish. €3
And now…for the villan of the haul. This polish was supposed to give a leather effect to nails ( as previously worn by Her  Royal Highness, Alexa Chung) For three euro, I was sceptical of this product. And for good reason. Within about a nano second of applying this, my nails began to chip, leaving me looking a little too emo for 2013. The texture on the nail was just GROSS and removing it took , what felt like 40 years. I didn’t even want to apply it for a demo for this post because I had such a hard time removing it. It also came with stupid Avril Lavigne-esque skulls (note to manufactures: If something can be described as Avril Lavigne-esque, it’s probably time to stop production)  My verdict on this ? An overall BLEUGH.

DSC_3431So there you have it. Have you been budgeting your beauty shopping? Please share your finds!

Words: Una O’Boyle,
Tabitha Magazine. 

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