Bargain Hunter – Oz Botanics Products.

I love a good bargain plus I don’t really like spending a huge amount on beauty products, there are so many it is overwhelming sometimes. Like what Una was saying in a previous post I am all for cracking eggs or squeezing lemon juice for your face! I have tried out a few homemade remedies in the past and they do work. Lemon juice on some cotton wool and dap it on to your face especially your t-zone works wonders as does an aul egg-white face mask, you can add some honey to it and sometimes I add a drop of rosewater into it also. Of course the age old having a healthy diet & exercising regularly all leads to healthier skin, hair and so on. All easier said than done though!

I want to share with you guys some products I have gotten my hands on over the next few weeks on the website. Firstly I spotted some of these Oz Botanics products while I was picking up my 95th bottle of dry shampoo this year (It is just so bloody handy isn’t it? I am finding it is making my hair more greasy lately though. I was using the Derma V10 one for a while, it is just not as good as the baptiste range) in the 2 euro shop on Dame St.  I picked up the deep conditioner to try it and friends, it’s brilliant. My hair is smooth, silky and smells lovely. Everything you could want from a conditioner plus it was only €1.50 for the tub. Now obviously going out in our classic wind & rain weather that all goes down the drain. Has anyone come across a cure for the Irish frizz yet? You cannot escape it in our weather!

Just apply the conditioning cream all over your hair after shampooing and leave it in for 3-4 minutes then rinse. I apply it twice a week to my hair. They also sell the Oz Botanics shampoo & conditioner in the 2 euro shop so I am definitely going to pick them up too.


If any of our readers have any tips on some bargain beauty products please let us know!

Words: Louise Ryan, Tabitha magazine

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