BTX Hair Review.

After years and years (and years) of abusing my hair with all sorts of products and dyes and crazy tools I decided last year to just stop. I quit dying my hair and let my colour grow completely out and passed it off as ballyage. This Summer I got any remainder of colour cut off and was left with my own natural hair….which turns out …is pretty MEH.

It’s kind of dry, kind of frizzy, pretty dull and not very interesting. Great. So before I hurled myself straight at a bottle of peroxide, I decided to try a  treatment. Now, I am normally pretty cynical about these type of things, and ususally just pass them off as unnecessary add- on sales to your already expensive hair bill. However, recently , more and more people were telling me about amazing treatments they have been getting so I thought I’d give one a go and booked in for the BTX treatment in The Art Team, just off Grafton Street.


What is BTX? Well, from the information pack I was handed as I sat down, I learned that it contains Botox (I LOL’d, pretty Hollywood of me , right? ) and promised to last up to 6 weeks, repairing damaged hair and giving me shinier locks.


The treatment itself took about 40 mins, with an additional 20 mins or so for a blow dry.  My stylist, had told me that I would really feel the benefits of the treatment when I washed my hair myself and blow dried it. I gotta say, I really enjoyed getting it done and how good my hair felt straight away. The treatment seemed to bring out colours in my hair that I couldn’t see before, and to be honest I felt all Kate Middleton-y as I left the salon with my hair bouncing all over the place.  (Nothing like a good hair swoosh when you just leave a salon!)


I have had this treatment in my hair for little over a week, and although it hasn’t significantly reduced the amount of time it takes me to blow dry my hair, I feel like I can get way better results than I did before. I have never had so many people compliment me on my hair and telling me how healthy it looks  and can really see a difference in the colour.

I’d give this two very enthusiastic thumbs up and would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to spoil themselves or who is looking for a great Christmas present for someone special!

Check out the pricing HERE. 

Also, I had to share a pic of my stylist’s amazing mermaid hair. isn’t it AWESOME?


Thanks to the lovely guys at The Art Team!

Words Una O’Boyle, Tabitha Magazine.

One thought on “BTX Hair Review.

  1. Hi, I just want to ask you how the condition of your hair was after the effect of the treatment? I have read more reviews suggesting it’s not good on the long term.Thank you 😀

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