The importance of Hobbies.

For most of us our days are filled with either jobs, minding children or studying and sometimes all three. Our time fills up and before we know it the day is done and we’re getting ready to do it all over again. When you get those few moments of quiet or time to yourself, how do you fill them? To unwind many of us will browse the internet or watch a television program. Now that you’ve finished all of Breaking Bad, Lost, The Office and even re-watched The Wire what can you do with your time?

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Having a hobby is a great way to use your spare time in a constructive way. It’s been found that having a hobby can be a great way to reconnect to yourself, as well as others. On this site alone there are interests ranging from music, to food and fashion. Have you ever wanted to learn to play guitar? Or wanted to have the bragging rights to the best chocolate cake? Using the free time you have dedicated to something you enjoy has been found to lower blood pressure, body mass index and feelings of depression.

 If you feel like you don’t have enough time for a hobby or a new past time, I want you to re-think that. Maybe you don’t want to give yourself that time. From my own experience and from working with clients I know how difficult it can be to have time for yourself. Many of us feel selfish or guilty at the thoughts of taking, I’m going to say it, ‘me time’.

Thomas Moore who is the author of the book Care of the Soul writes “we seem to have a complex about busyness in our culture. Most of us do have time in our days that we could devote to simple relaxtion, but we convince ourselves that we don’t. Unfortunately we don’t get a lot of support in this culture for doing nothing. If we aren’t accomplishing something, we feel that we are wasting time.”

So what if you are ‘wasting time’, if such a thing is possible. It is your time to do with what you choose. I believe the problem is that we spend too much energy comparing ourselves to others or worrying about what we should be doing. Who told you that you should be doing anything? This is your life, fill it with the things that you love to do. Learn to knit and make that scarf you always wanted! Have you been putting off writing the next great novel? Get typing! Allow yourself to start enjoying time for yourself without the added guilt. It will help keep you sane and lower your blood pressure, unlike all those watched episodes of Breaking Bad!

                                                   “Doing what you love isn’t a privilege, it’s an obligation” – Barbara Sher 

Angela Amirault is a psychotherapist in private practice in Dublin city. If you have an interest in counselling feel free to contact her through her website:
If you would like to read more from her, check out her blog:

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