The Golden Globes 2014.

Last night hailed the beginning of red carpet season in the shape of The Golden Globe Awards.
There was a definite paired back look on the carpet this year with many stars favouring high necklines, sleek straight hair, and simple accessorizing.

First up, the hostesses with the mostesses, Amy Poelher and Tina Fey.
Not only are they the coolest and funniest women on Hollywood (….Dear Tina and Amy..please be my friends) but they nailed the red carpet with their looks last night. Their hair and make up were beauty perfection, and I think it’s the best I’ve seen them look.

Cate Blanchett, Showing how to perfect the sheer look .

Zooey Deschanel. I am probably biased due to my unconditional love for Zooey, but I thought her Oscar De La Renta gown last night was definitely a highlight of the evening. The shoes, staggered hem line and crop top detail meant that this look was vintage inspired with a modern twist, rather than full retro which I think everyone is a bit sick of at this stage, am I right?


Ah , Sophia Vergara, you beautiful creature. I think the volume of the skirt balanced the volume of her …um assets perfectly which meant that the focus was on her entire look rather than her boobs, which, lets face it are generally where your eyes are drawn when you look at her. Amazing accesorizing too, and that hair colour is perfection.


Helen Mirren, take a bow. I love everything about this look. The neckline, the sleeve length, the colour, the accesories everything. She is glowing and seemes to have discovered the secret to eternal youth.


Emma Watson. This look was edgy, flattering, beautiful and daring. I really wish more stars would take risks like this on the red carpet. No doubt there will be  comments left  on and the likes from people saying things like “jaysus she forgot half her dress” or something equally “hilarious”. but that’s going to happen any time you go against the grain.


Olivia Wilde. Normally when I see someone wearing green sequins, I can’t help but think that they look like a lizard, but hot DAYUM Olivia Wilde changed that for me. It’s not fair that she looks like this in a skin tight dress while pregnant. It’s just not fair!
J Law. Please don’t hate me but…. I wasn’t crazy on this look. It’s not offensive, and her face / body look really gorgeous, but it just left me a feeling a bit ‘meh’. EEEk, I do love her though, so it pains me to say the above.


Emma Roberts looked very pretty but I would have love to have seen her be a bit cooler with her look. She’s young and gorgeous and has access to any designer in the world. This look seems a bit old and I think she could look to inspiration from Emma Watson or Allison Williams (below.)


Zoe Saldana. I freaking LOVED this dress. It’s so beautiful , suits her perfectly, it’s cool, it’s fashion, it’s different while still remaining appropriate. Zoe always kills it on the red carpet so it was no surprise to see her looking this good last night.

article-2538268-1A9B281600000578-472_232x667I love how happy pregnant Drew Barrymore and her Husband Will Kopelman looked. She is actually glowing, and is really having fun with her maternity wear choices. 
Another cute couple last night, Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren. Holy Moly, she  is STUNNING. Jessie done good! 

Big Bang’s Kaley Cuoco wore this enormous floral dress. I’m not sure what it is about it but I really disliked this look. Her hair and make up were flawless, but I think that this dress was just too murky looking. It’s as if it was put through the wash with a red sock and came out this colour. Again, I’d love to see her rock something a bit sleeker and cooler. Imagine her wearing Peter Pilotto?

Caitlin Fitzgerald (nope I had no idea who she was either. Thanks google! ) THIS IS A DREAM DRESS. That is all.


And my award for best dressed last night goes to dun dun dun dunnnnn   Lupita Nyong’o! Lupita has been registering on my style radar a lot recently. Her make up choices are always spot on , playing up her amazing amazing face and skin with bright lip hues.  Last night saw her rock the shit out of the colour red and becoming everyone’s new style crush.

ho were your style winners ?

Words Una O’Boyle, Tabitha Magazine.

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