Chanel Haute Couture 2014.

I have come to terms with the fact that I will never own Chanel Haute Couture (WAH!) but that doesn’t stop me from watching their shows every year.The pieces shown are an accumulation of hundreds and hundreds of hours of work. Everything is painstakingly done by hand, from the embellishments to the embroidery. Even though most of us won’t ever get to  own a piece of Haute Couture, there is something so special about seeing these hand made pieces, come to life in the form of a spectacular show. Yesterday at Chanel, the show was sports lux meets fairy tale…but still quintessentially Chanel. The models bounced down the stairs in pastel coloured trainers (definitely on my wish list for the Spring) and wore crop top style pieces, with metallic knee pads and elbow pads. There was something so youthful and fun about this which sometimes is missing from Haute Couture shows. It was whimsical , light, and looked like a… marshmallow dream. With the model’s hair styled like thorny crowns, ( or as NYLON called it, the side wards Mohawk) and eyes lined in silver, there is definitely an ice queen vibe in here too.

chanel1 chanel4 chanel-cara chanel-lagerferld

If you haven’t already checked out the show, pour yourself a cup of tea , sit down , relax and enjoy…

Words Una O’Boyle, Tabitha Magazine.

Photos via

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