Easiest snack EVER.

Last night as I was mindlessly scrolling through facebook, I stumbled upon something pretty interesting. The world’s easiest and not too bad for you snack. I  literally jumped up and made these straight away as I had all the ingredients in the house – however in my haste I didn’t get the original poster of the recipe so I can’t link it here. If anyone knows the genius behind this please forward the name on to me and I can link the post!


Peanut butter.

Step 1:
Chop up your banana.


Step 2:
Pop some peanut butter on to one half of the banana slices.

unnamed (1)

Step 3:
Use the other half of the slices as lids to make little tiny banana peanut butter sandwiches.

unnamed (2)

Step 4:
Melt some chocolate. I used the testo 84% CoCoa – totally dairy free.


Step 5:
Dip your teeny tiny sandwiches in the chocolate, and then leave in the fridge for about 20 minutes to harden.

unnamed (3)

These are pretty messy to make but really cheap , easy and best of all delicious!

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