Beauty Review: Benetint.

Rosy-up your complexion with a winter tint

We’re supposed to be springing into the new season, with summer stock flowing into the high street and pretty summer pastel colours peeking up all around like spring flowers. Outside in the bitter cold however, the reality is that it’s still winter.After a Christmas of heavy makeup, it’s always a relief to find a lightweight and effective product to add a flush of warm colour to our sun-deprived complexions.

Enter the Benefit benetint – a multi-purpose lip and cheek stain.

It can be applied in a criss-cross shape to the apples of the cheeks and in a line below the cheek bone to give a lovely blush and contour effect.

The liquid stain then blends effortlessly with your fingers, and leaves a matte and long-lasting soft flush of colour.

Applied to the lips, the stain offers an alternative to lipstick or gloss with a barely-there feel that doesn’t compromise on colour. It’s a fresh rosy red, with a pink undertone that compliments pale skin tones.

Make sure that you have exfoliated and moisturised your lips beforehand though, as the stain is so light that it can leave your lips exposed to the elements.

As far as longevity is concerned with Benetint, my coffee-cup transfer tests reveal that it has a much better staying power than other lip products.
The Benetint is a handy little 2-in-1 product, perfect for travelling and for girls on the go. It’s great for adding a natural-looking pop of colour to your appearance.

As we wait for 2014’s first rays of sun to show us that springtime is indeed on the horizon, for now, we can embrace the Snow White look with the help of Benetint.

Benetint is available for €34.50 in Benefit stores, and

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Words: Rachel McLaughlin – website. 

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