5 Simple Steps To The Perfect Cat Eye.

It’s official! Eyeliner has surpassed mascara to become our favorite and
most-purchased beauty product! Yep, there’s even research to prove it



Here at Tabitha we like to call this little phenomenon The Adele Effect. Obviously the cat eye has been around much longer than our favorite British crooner but there’s no denying it; Adele brought it back in a BIG way and today she’s definitely queen of the felines.

Universally flattering the cat eye is one of the most sought after beauty looks of our time but like all good things it demands hours of patience and a whole lot of hard work. If you’re struggling to achieve a flirty flick we suggest you read on…

Now, before we even begin let us tell you this; that deranged, open-mouthed, raised-eyebrow face we all make when popping in contacts and applying liner? Not only will it scare your significant other silly but it ain’t your friend! To achieve the perfect flick you have to relax the muscles in your face as much as possible. So, grab a glass of red, chill out and get ready for some schooling…

For the cleanest application, place a mirror at chin level and look downwards– this immediately makes that perfect angle much easier to see. At this stage those of you with unsteady hands (like most of us here…) will want to rest your elbows on something nice and steady.

Where your eyebrows end is actually the direction your liner should follow.

In other words if you were to keep drawing, your liner and eyebrow would eventually connect – but seriously, let’s not do that! Take your liner and start at the outside corner of your eye. Draw a “flick” up toward the end of your eyebrow. It doesn’t have to be perfect, no matter what they tell you!
Repeat on the other eye.

Enter your new best friend, the Q-tip. This is the time to make sure your “wings” are symmetrical. Take the Q-tip, dip it in makeup remover and start perfecting that line – wipe away any harsh marks, evidence of false starts or even just thin out a too-fat flick.

Once you have the angle of your wing, use that eyeliner like you normally would (tip – keep it as close to your lashes as possible to avoid an amateur effect) and connect it to your “flick.” Here you can control how thick (dramatic) or thin (refined and subtle) you want your liner.

Finish the look with a couple of coats of your favorite mascara. We
recommend Benefit’s They’re Real – a product every gal should have in her make up bag.

We’ve tried (and thrown away!) many an eyeliner in our quest for the
perfect feline flick so to save you gals the trouble we thought we’d let you in on a little secret; MAC Fluidline Eyeliner! It may look mega-intimidating at first, but it doesn’t take long to realize this is one of the best and easiest to apply liners out there. With it’s ultra-smooth gel formula you can create a precise line with a super soft finish in just one stroke. When using this product however you really should invest in a small angled brush (preferably with stiff bristles for maximum control) but on the bright (money-saving side) a little gel goes a long way.

Just remember practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if it all goes horribly panda-like first time around. Soon enough you’ll have nailed it and be able to try your hand at these…

large (1) large (2) large (3) large (4) large


Words: Kerrie Mitchell Burke
Images via we heart it.

 Kerrie Mitchell Burke is an Irish writer and blogger who recently made the move from Dublin to Boston. A long time lover of wine, words and totally unnecessary but pretty things she can often be found sitting cross legged on her couch with a book on her lap, a glass of red in one hand, and an iPad (for online shopping of course!) in the other. Career: Cornershop Productions, Gill&Macmillan, IMAGE Publications, Tosser Magazine, Best Friends For Frosting. Tabitha Magazine.

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