V-day ideas..

Whether you are shopping for someone else or just want to spoil yourself this coming valentines day here are some of my picks from around the internet and Dublin City…

1.  Jam Art Factory… 









Card by Fatti Burke. 


Card By Catsnake.

2. Cheesecake Dublin. 
Love hearts cheesecakes. Get in my belly!! 

3. Parfois Valentine’s Collection.

4. Appassionata flowers 

5. Chupi. 
1458661_735770519771209_1807003567_n 1471961_735768879771373_2009335148_n
Beautiful, delicate jewelry from Dublin’s own Chupi. 

6. MAgne. 

1525192_1422376521331656_707092262_n 1482812_1416699181899390_399623293_n
Love inspirational quotes? You’ll love these!

7. Make a doggie your valentine… Dog’s aid. 


Places like Dog’s Aid are always looking for donations so maybe this valentine’s day you could buy your S/O a donation on behalf of them to one of the many dog shelters in need around Ireland? 

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