The Enclave: Richard Mosse.

Showing now in the RHA Gallery until March 12th, Richard Mosse’s The Enclave is definitely worth a visit. This exhibition focuses on the human right’s struggles in the Congo, where over 5 million people have died,  and the story is told through the medium of extinct infrared camera. The result is a stunning pink effect which gives the viewer a totally different view from what we are used to seeing in the media.

“To produce The Enclave, Mosse worked collaboratively with the cinematographer Trevor Tweeten to evolve a style of long tracking shot made with Steadicam, resulting in a spectral, disembodied gaze shot on 16mm infrared film. The piece’s haunting, visceral soundscape is layered spatially by eleven point surround sound, composed by Ben Frost from recordings gathered in North and South Kivu.”

Using 6 different screens and 6 different view points, the viewer becomes immersed in the entire situation. The viewer is forced to interact with the piece, and this definitely adds another dimension to the experience.

Safe From Harm images o-RICHARD-MOSSE-THE-ENCLAVE-facebook richard-mosse-enclave-02
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