Lush Treats Part 2 – Face.

The second part of Zara Hedderman’s review of some lovely Lush products! This time for the face.



I have used another one of the gorgeous facial cleansers by Lush called Angels on Bare Skin a cleanser that is ideal for those who prefer to wash their face. I preferred 9 to 5 because it’s quick and effective in cleaning away the day or making you feel fresh and ready for whatever in in store for you. The formula is really light which means that it isn’t greasy and integrates nicely with your skin without leaving a greasy film. It also has a really lovely soft floral fragrance which leaves you feeling nice a fresh. I started out with the smaller bottle to try out the cleanser and have since graduated to the bigger bottle which is sure to last me for a while. That is the other aspect of Lush’s products that I love, they are completely natural based in their ingredients but what is almost as important is that they last for a long time as I have noticed with both hair and face products. So the initial hesitation of paying that little bit extra for their products is well and truly justified because you are getting results, using natural based products and getting longevity from them! The ultimate cosmetic hat-trick! Getting back to 9 to 5 I would probably advise you to go for this one over Angels on Bare Skin just because it is more efficient in doing what you want it to do.

Tea Tree Water.


 Tea Tree Water is a really nice, pure toner that follows on from 9 to 5 or Angels on Bare Skin perfectly as it is full of the amazing antibacterial tea tree. This is a great item to have especially if you are prone to spots or having oily/combination skin, a club I’m most certainly a member of! After cleansing your face just spritz this toner water directly onto your face, close your eyes first though they aren’t oily and in need of balance! Then simply work the water around your face with a piece of cotton wool and hey presto you’re ready for your moisturiser! I would definitely recommend this as a toner because you can really feel that the tea tree is combatting any impurities that remain on your skin meaning that it will make your complexion nice and clear.




This is an amazing moisturiser that is great for oily/ combination skin to dry skin and sensitive skin. It is incredibly mild in fragrance which means that it won’t irritate your skin. However it is quite heavy in texture, while some may be put off by this I found that by using a very small amount during the day you can get the perfect coverage that gives you a glowing dewy look and works as a nice base for your make up without feeling greasy. Then by night I am slightly more generous with the amount I use just to give my skin that extra amount of hydration and nourishment that it needs. This means that the moisturiser also lasts for a lot longer too which is a bonus as I have already mentioned! I really like Celestial because it doesn’t give you any random break outs as I have found happens with other moisturisers that I have used in the past. Because you only need a small amount to feel its benefits your pores don’t feel clogged at all. Celestial’s key ingredients include almond oil, almond milk and cocoa butter which are all insanely nourishing for your skin, and keeps your face looking and feeling flawless and glowing, the main downside is that your skin will be so glowing that people may begin to question when you’re due!

 Love Lettuce.


Now to the product that was the catalyst of my Lush obsession; Love Lettuce. A 60g pot with the key ingredients being lavender oil and “polishing” almond shells along with a dosage of dermatological miracles! As it is a “fresh” face mask you are required to keep it in the fridge and it has a shelf life of possibly one-two weeks, or about five treatments in total. While this may seem like a bit of a waste because of its brief lifespan I cannot stress enough that this is a minute pot of miracles! As I have mentioned I have skin like a certain variety of creepy men; greasy on the surface and dry like their personalities. Finding something to counterbalance this imperfect imbalance is challenging especially when dealing with the fruits of this combination skin type; blackheads. I have suffered with blackheads mainly cultivating around my nose for years and have tried virtually everything; steaming, nose-strips and squeezing all of which ended in some kind of painful disaster! I had heard stories of people using Love Lettuce subsequently claiming that they noticed that their blackheads virtually jumped off of their face! Generously applying the gloriously green mask to my face felt really nice as it had been in the fridge it had a wonderfully cooling and soothing sensation. I did as I was instructed by the pot and left it on for 10 minutes and then made my way once again to the sink to slowly scrub off the mask. I looked into the mirror and was in such shock that I literally started to mumble in disbelief to myself; the blackheads were gone! The results after ONE use were mind-blowing, my skin felt really soft and was glowing, not to mention that over 90% of my blackheads had…virtually jumped off of my face! I instantly thought to myself that everyone needs to try this for themselves for this moment of disbelief alone!

 As a final note on Love Lettuce I would say that if you are new to Lush products and do not know where to begin I would strongly recommend going straight for this product! Also, it is worth mentioning that Lush have an offer which you simply cannot refuse, if you bring back 5 clean full sized Lush pots then you get a free fresh face mask! So you will not only be doing your bit for your skin, but for the environment too!

Words : Zara Hedderman 

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