Artist Love – Petal to Petal.

“My name is Lily Reilly and I am an Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer from West Cork but I’ve been based in Berlin for the last two years. I work under the artist name ‘Petal to Petal’.

The name ‘Petal to Petal’ describes the method in which I work- literally drawing one petal at a time. I can (and do!) spend hours drawing and can get lost in my work- I think that time flies when you’re doing something that you love.
My style is quite intricate and I use a lacing pattern that I call ‘flower bomb’ in a lot of my work. The pattern explodes and disperses and I like to experiment with it and use it in different ways. I particularly love working in monochrome and just concentrating on the shapes and detail of an image. 

I studied Graphic Design and then trained as an Art and Design teacher, both at Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork City. I now work as a freelancer and am always open to collaborations and commissions.” 
Check out Lily’ s beautiful work…
unnamed (1)
unnamed (4)
unnamed (5)
unnamed (6)
unnamed (7)
For more of Lily’s designs check out her website & facebook.


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