Recipe : Summer Cocktail.

It is never to early to get inspired for Summer. Preparation is vital for this country’s summer season as it’s raining one day then the next day the sun is splitting the sky and there is not an ounce of any barbeque paraphernalia left in Tesco or booze for that matter.  Seriously. Irish people go mad…and/or red!

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My lovely sister in law first introduced me to this cocktail funnily enough at Christmas time when she brought over a beautiful large mason jar filled with a delicious looking colourful cocktail! It tasted as good as it looked and this recipe is perfect to whip up quickly and serve to your guests at hopefully all your rain free garden parties this Summer!

You will need :

Peach Schnapps & vodka – depending on strength measure 2 shots per person approx. ( mixture should make enough for 8 people)

3 limes

1 lemon

1 punnet of grapes – can be red or mixed

1 tablespoon of honey

1.5 litres of low calorie Rasberry & Cranberry juice (you can get this in Aldi)


Instructions : 

Mix all of the ingredients above & leave in the fridge until it is nice and cold. Serve the cocktail with crushed ice and mint leaves in a mini mason jar or martini glass.  As  it was Christmas time we decorated ours with candy canes but there are plenty of ways to make the cocktail more seasonal in your presentations.

It was so delicious we only snapped pics of the half filled mason jars! So here is some inspiration & ideas that have caught my eye on how to present your Summer cocktail.


large (20)


large (23)



Words: Louise Ryan, Tabitha magazine 

Photos : Pinterest







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