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Taken from the 10 most disappointing destinations in the world @ www.thehuffingtonpost.com: 

Temple Bar, Dublin 

The city of Dublin is great. There’s a castle and gorgeous architecture, there are renowned colleges and green spaces, and there are many other things to see and do that go beyond the tired “Irish culture equals pubs” stereotype. The Temple Bar area of Dublin, however, is a prime example of the rampant fleecing of drunken tourists that should be avoided at all costs. This small area caters to visitors competing to see how drunk they can get in “authentic” bars and nightclubs (aka overpriced tourist traps). Avoid it at all costs and seek out a pub literally anywhere else in Dublin for a better experience.

For anyone who lives in Dublin, Temple Bar is not somewhere that ranks highly on the “Places to visit this weekend” list. In fact I generally avoid it at all costs past a certain time of night. HOWEVER- I’m not going to stand by and let the Huffington Post mock it. Nuh-Uh.

It’s kind of like Siblings. I can call my Brother and Sisters names, but If anyone else does it? Well…then it’s ON.

So for anyone reading this who may be from Dublin, or who may have never been to Temple Bar, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite places to visit there…

1. Jam Art Factory: 
For anyone looking for quirky gifts, cool souvenirs, unique home ware, or reasonably priced artwork, look no further than Jam Art Factory. Located in Crown Alley, Jam Art supports and stocks the work of many local Irish Artists and Designers.


2. The Pie Man Cafe:
So you’ve done some shopping in Jam and now your belly needs tending to… so why not pop next door to The Pie Man Cafe where you will find some of the most delicious grub in the city. There is a wide range of pies and sides, plus some perfect beers to go with them. Prices are super reasonable, and the staff are ridiculously nice.


3. Find:

Another little independent gem of a store. Find is Found (geddit?) just on Cow’s Lane. Find is like an Aladdin’s den of beautiful vintage, reclaimed and pre loved pieces. For anyone looking to perfect a shabby chic look to their home, Find is the place to shop.


4. Queen of Tarts:

Show me someone who can walk by the infamous Queen of Tarts without drooling , and I will show you a lunatic. Or at the very least, someone who is dead inside. Queen of Tarts is the ultimate indulgence spot. Located just across the road from Find, Queen of Tarts is the perfect place for a Sunday Brunch. The outdoor seating area is a sun trap during the Summer, and the cakes are literally what dreams are made of. Enjoy!


5. The VCC.
If you bring someone to the Vintage Cocktail Club for the first time it’s like sharing a secret. Located in the heart of Temple Bar, this exclusive bar is perfect for after work drinks  or to book for an event. Delicious cocktails and a  beautifully decorated interior means that every trip here is a little glam fest.



6. Scout:
Scout is new to the scene in Dublin…however it’s definitely here to stay. We have professed our love once this week for it on lovetabii.com, so take a gander here!

7. Sseduced:
Sseduced is a totally raw,vegan restaurant located in Temple Bar. I have been here a few times, and found the food to be really enjoyable and reasonable, proving that healthy food is damn satisfying. This place is BYOB too, with free corkage!


8. Siopa Ella:

For anyone looking for a designer wardrobe on a high street budget, then Siopa Ella is the place to go. With two stand alone stores and over 20,000 followers on Facebook, Siopa Ella has a legion of loyal fans and customers. Chanel, YSL and Dior are all for sale here at discount prices. Best keep and eye on their facebook however, as the most cove table labels go FAST!


9. Cow’s Lane Designer Studio:
Supporting Irish and local is a huge theme here at Cow’s Lane Designer Studio. Hand Made Jewelry, Hats, Prints and Ceramics are on sale here. This place is a perfect place to shop for Wedding Gifts, or Christmas Presents.


10. Temple Bar Food Market: 

Every Saturday Meeting House Square transforms into a Foodie’s Paradise. This open air market is the best place to hang out and sample cuisine from around the world. Amazing cheeses, delicious burritos, gorgeous olives….mmmm my mouth is drooling just typing this……

Obviously there are a LOT of things that we would like to see changed in Temple Bar ( ahem….Mc Donalds / Tescos and Costa’s popping up… drunks screaming abuse, over prices pints, the serious chance of being pick pocketed ) But I think it’s unfair to dismiss it as somewhere not worth visiting.

What do you guys think?



Words: Una O’Boyle, Co-Editor of Tabitha Magazine.

Pictures Taken from each store’s listed Facebook Page.


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