Betsey Johnson X Urban Outfitters.

Let me tell you a story. A couple of years ago I had the “pleasure” of Personal Shopping with The One and Only Courtney Love. She is indeed the barrel of laughs that you would expect her to be. Anyhow, at one stage of the appointment , as we walked around Topshop she barked at me “What the hell is that section of clothing supposed to be?” and pointed at a Trend that was definitely trying to emulate the Grunge Look. A sea of stone washed denim, band tees and check shirts looked back at us. “Erm….” I closed my eyes and squirmed. “I thhhiiinnnk that’s based on Grunge. ” . “Grunge?! GRUNGE?! That’s not fucking GRUNGE!” She screamed. Yep. I died a little at that point. Courtney Love, a founding member of the Grunge scene, had screamed at me because Grunge nowadays means buying mass produced chokers, tie dye tops and docs from high street stores, while going home and listening to Drake or something equally as awful. Now every time I hear of a High Street Store proclaim that they are releasing a collection that harps back to Seattle in the 90’s  I have a ‘Nam like flashback to Courtney Love screaming “That’s not fucking Grunge!” in my face and I shudder.   So when I heard that Betsy Johnson was re releasing some of her most iconic dresses from the 90’s I had a mild moment of panic. However, I was pleasantly surprised!  Obviously with a designer like Betsey Johnson, you are in safe hands. There is a certain level of authenticity brought to the table that other collections can’t match. The collection is a mix of floral silk slips and the most amazing tulle dress EVA.   Take a look below at some of the shots from the lookbook, and shop the collection HERE! What do you think? BetJo3 BetJo4 BetJo5 BetJo7 BetJohn1   Words: Una O’Boyle. Photos: UO Website.


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