Something amazing and earth shattering is about to happen to our wardrobes today because the flagship store of the most coveted brand of recent years is finally opening its doors in our little fair city meaning that we’ll unashamedly be opening our purses! It’s a vicious but oh so marvellously minimal materialistic circle! Before my nonsensical ramble continues (I’m overly excited) I am of course referring to the long awaited presence of COS in Dublin. While this is not the first time that COS has been made available to us having held a substantial section in BT2 on Grafton St there was a serious lacking in the overall COS experience, an experience that can only be felt immersed in the clean white wash walls of their stores. I have been to the COS stores in Berlin, it has almost become a bit of a pilgrimage (some people go to Lourdes, I go to COS as my sartorial sanctuary!) to revel in the minimal aesthetic, fine cuts and truly innovative design in many different facets. Not to mention concrete jewellery, I love those necklaces more than anything!

Zara has acquired a name in that last two years for its clean, minimal pieces particular for this Summery time of the year but COS are the originators of this minimal overhaul. Using the acronym COS standing for Collection of Style you can be assured that investing in some of their classic pieces such as the crisp white shirt, structured A-line skirts, and simple starched style dresses will have you set to be the envy of those around you most likely wearing a Zara two piece in baby pink!  Originating in Sweden the home of practicality, functionality whilst simultaneously oozing cool (ABBA and IKEA, need I say more?) the fundamentals of good design and subsequently impeccable style are covered throughout the pieces on offer in COS’ collections all year around. Because of this simplistic functionality you can incorporate pieces from the Summer collection into Winter looks and vice-versa through clever and imaginative styling techniques and which means that you really are getting amazing value for money but you are also given the capacity to represent your own innate sense of style. Furthermore, by adapting this approach to dressing you’ll genuinely notice a difference in how you feel in your clothes primarily an overwhelming feeling of comfort!!

To celebrate this anticipated arrival I had an in-depth look at some of my favourite pieces for Summer outfits, that will gradually see you through the Autumn and Winter seasons too! You may want to ring your bank to assure them that everything is ok, your debit or credit card hasn’t been stolen, COS has opened!




Round collared dress // 69eu



Structured knit dress // 79eu




Chiffon dress // 99eu





Short A line skirt // 59eu




Skirt with draped pockets // 69eu








Jersey top //45eu



Simple cotton tee //15eu



Sleeveless melange top //29eu





Matte buckle leather belt // 35eu



Leather zip purse //25eu





Conrete bead necklace //25eu



Concrete ring // 15eu





Platform sandals //135eu



Block heel leather shoes // 135eu


Words : Zara Hedderman (mumbles&


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