Monday Loves.

Instagram page of the week… @frenchwords. If french was taught to me through the medium of this seriously pretty instagram page I would have done a lot better than I did in school learning it!  I love the simple design of this page. There is a new word each day that refreshes your memory of learning the beautiful language….




Listening to... Summer choon.


60’s fashion.… If you are a big fan of buzzfeed you have probably seen these pictures by now from Life magazine featuring students in high school in the late 60’s. I love them. More photos here.

enhanced-buzz-21484-1372469034-13 (1)




Grey Gardens and just Drew Barrymore in general..… I find it hard to not love Drew…she has the happiest face when you look at her.  I watched this over the weekend and cannot recommend it enough.  Drew portrays one of Jackie O’s eccentric relatives and is brilliant in it.

Some old pics of Drew being all deadly back in the day too…



Drew Barrymore




Kate Moss X Topshop...I don’t know how I feel about this collection yet, going to see it in real life this week, then I will decide, here is a little behind the scenes video featuring Kate. “Gorgo”!!


Burberry’s Kerry Centre Collection.... A massive congratulations to Li-Ann Small on featuring in this stunning Burberry campaign. Having previously worked with Li-Ann on issue two of tabitha this could not have happened to a more sweeter girl. Such a pleasure to work with and it is so awesome to see people from here doing so well for themselves. Some really beautiful pieces in this collection.






Happy Birthday Una ….. It’s Una’s birthday today and I want to wish her a big Happy Birthday here on! We’re pretty damn lucky that we work together & are the best of friends for the past 24 years. She is the best. Happy Birthday Pal!





Words: Louise Ryan, Tabitha magazine

Photos: tumblr & fashiongonerogue 











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