The Statement Necklace Effect

I was a latecomer to the statement necklace party…now however I find myself actually planning outfits around a particular statement necklace I want to wear. Seriously.
Statement necklaces for me are like pieces of art work- intricate, eye-catching, design-laden pieces that should be worn as such.
You might think they may are not for the faint-hearted or timid however, as they can be conversation starters, but I wholeheartedly believe that if you make a conscious decision to “just go for it” and rock one, chances are you’ll fall hard for the craze! I like to call this “the statement necklace effect.”

There’s something for everyone!

From multi-layer strand to collar and bib, there’s something for everyone. The term “big and bold” certainly applies when talking about statement necklaces but it’s important to choose one that represents your style. Remember, some pieces are slightly smaller or a little more discreet than others but still fall under the “statement” category of jewellery. Perhaps you find yourself wondering “When will I have the chance to wear such a statement piece?” The answer is EVERYDAY!

largeExperiment – find a piece to suit YOU. You want something that you can seamlessly incorporate into your wardrobe and that can accessorise everyday outfits and maybe a little something that is more flamboyant to create a few “show-stopper” moments on a night out or at a social event. Don’t forget to have fun with it!A palette of colours combined with various textures, and materials are prominently featured in todays versions of the statement necklace and a lot of the designs are reminiscent of designs from history. In fact, the statement necklace itself harkens as far back into history as the Egyptians and Cleopatra and right throughout history!
Even our own Celtic roots are adorned in statement neckwear, from collar pieces to torcs such as The Broighter Collar – one of the best examples of La Tene gold-work and Celtic jewellery.
Torcs and collars were associated with prestige, Kings and Gods wore them…fast forward to the here and now and they adorn the necks of us mere mortals! We may not be actual Gods and Goddesses but we sure can dress like them!

large (3)
Other examples of the statement necklace popping up through History are:The Georgians – With excess rampant in the Palace of Versailles at the time, not only did Marie Antoinette like big hair and grand, statement gowns, she liked BIG, statement necklaces!
Coco Chanel – often credited with popularising the concept and use of costume jewellery, Coco paved the way of bringing the trend back into the forefront of fashion upon creating her own jewellery line in the 1920’s.
Liz Taylor – her personal collection is famed and a testament to her desire for stunning, elaborate, unique and quality pieces, boasting the finest craftsman-ship, of course!
Hollywood: Down through the years Hollywood has had an impact on fashion trends with ordinary women wanting to emanate their favourite starlets like Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor to name but a few. To this day the impact remains, with previous awards ceremonies and red carpet events in the last few years having seen such stars as Anne Hathaway, Eva Mendez and most recently Jennifer Lawrence, donning the trend. Jennifer went for the newest (but again recycled) trend of a stunning statement back necklace at this years Oscars.
large (2)

The edginess of the pieces nowadays injects just the right amount of 21st Century appeal and modern twist in keeping with the times, making them uber blend-able with many different outfits and can easily juxtapose a feminine girly ensemble to a slightly more egdy version.Affordable!The affordability factor is another plus when it comes to this trend…or more appropriately craze.
You can jazz up any outfit and try the trend without a big price commitment, yet still get a piece that looks more expensive than it is!
Elevate a simple look to a whole other level with the addition of a statement necklace and create a ton of different looks without investing in an entire new wardrobe each season, making the statement necklace the perfect transformative accomplice to many outfits.
What more could you want from a trend?!

 You can easily find statement necklaces all over the high-street and on-line. Some of my personal favourite places to browse and purchase from are: H&M, Penneys, Topshop, Dunnes Stores,,, River Island,, Forever21, J-Crew and Zara.

Chanel & Zara

Any trend that I can throw on with a chunky jumper and skinny jeans and instantly feel dressed up, is a trend I hope stays around for a very long time. What are you waiting for?! Go ahead, adorn your collarbones, channel your inner God/Goddess and make YOUR statement!
Words: Gail O’Connor
Photos: Weheartit. 
Gail is Contributing Beauty Writer for International beauty magazine Your Beauty Industry magazine and a freelance writer. A Dublin gal, she has contributed to U magazine previously and has a Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Blog on Instagram. Known to be “a bit of a magpie” she is a lover of all things sparkly and is passionate about writing. A dedicated follower of fashion and beauty with a love of films, walks in the countryside, and anything nautical or New England USA related, she loves nothing more than reading a book or the latest issue of a fashion magazine in her favourite coffee shop…and of course, working on her next article.

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