Retro Fashion – Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.

Do you ever look back on your life and try to pin point exact things that influenced your decisions? Maybe a certain band made you want to play guitar… or having an operation on your foot aged 6 made you want to become a doctor? Well for me , I blame the movie “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” on my dream to work in fashion…. And also for all the delusions I had about this industry. Who knew that being a feisty 17 year old with fabulous hair wouldn’t be enough to turn you into a self taught designer that (SPOILER ALERT) saves a dying fashion company with her sassy designs? This movie has it all. A job hunting montage, a make over montage, home decorating montage…ermm…a designing a clothing line montage….and the DREAM BOSS who keeps jars of sweets on her desk, does little or no investigating into what her assistant actually does from one end of the day to the next, who actually forces employees home to rest and look after themselves and who doles out insider tips and guidance as frequently as I eat cookies. (SPOILER ALERT I’m eating one now)  I can safely say that this type of person does not exist in the fashion industry. Boo. Anyhow, Christina Applegate’s wardrobe (both her feisty , smoking, teen one and sassy career girl one) are early 90’s TACULAR. It’s all high necks, giant wide pants and statement earrings.

images (3)
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Let’s not forget , the amazing style of Rose, the sassiest boss of all time. She’s all about the helmet hair and GIANT shoulders.
And being SASSY. The most important lesson of this movie….Sass your way to success!
images (4)images (1)
Altogether now..I’m right on top of that , Rose!
images (6)

Oh, and David Duchovny used to look like one helluva creep..

images (5)
Words: Una O’Boyle, Co- Editor, Tabitha Magazine.

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