Love Sick.

What I love about Sick Studs is it’s ability to be so clean and simple but still pack a solid statement punch. Stocking mainly beanies, sweat tops, tees and totes it’s their custom jobs that’s got this leather lover sweating. Studding biker jackets to baseball caps to Doc Martens, there is no job to big or too small for the stud-crazed crew. With a variety of shapes and colors available for purchase on their big cartel site, the stud enthusiast can take their hand at studding their own threads too. I had the opportunity to talk business, inspiration and streetwear with Emer Igbokwe, founder of the Irish streetwear label Sick Studs.

1) To begin, could you please describe Sick Studs as a brand to our readers?
Sick Studs is an independent street wear brand based in Dublin. Our focus lies on designing t-shirts, hats, bags etc with the aim to continue to grow and evolve by introducing and creating new and exciting pieces not so typically seen in street wear. For example our customized pieces you can mail to order.




2) What lead you to venture into designing your own streetwear brand?
I decided to create the brand after I had finished my degree in College. I had been interning with a collective in Dublin which consisted of a number of local artists and designers creating and designing their own apparel, jewelry etc. and I felt that this was definitely something I could do too. I started designing my first t-shirt soon after, and after months of research and sourcing products my t-shirt was available to the public in my first stockist. It was very exciting.

3) How has Sick Studs evolved since it first took root?
Since I started the brand in 2012, the brand has evolved in many ways. One important factor, is quality. Each year we improve the quality of our pieces. Sourcing the best products available to us.
Since the brand emerged, it now has a number of stockists internationally. Sick Studs can be found in Dublin, Germany, Japan and Taiwan. We are still very much a small independent company with only one person handling all orders, shipping and emails.

4) What are some of your biggest hopes and dreams for Sick Studs?
The aim of the brand is to grow in quality and style. To create and design bigger and better pieces and to have fun in the process.

5) Who or where do you draw inspiration from?
The brand draws it’s inspiration from a number of things. I like to draw out inspiration from my own personal interests – Fashion, music, photography.
There are a number of other brands we have huge respect for and can’t help not be inspired by. Lazy Oaf is one of my favorite brands. Their pop art inspired clothing is both creative and playful and that is something that I love. Its fun. It’s colorful, what’s not to love.


6) What are some of your favorite fashion blogs, websites, books or magazines?
In terms of fashion blogs and websites, we follow a lot of independent artists here in Ireland and England, whether it’s on Tumblr, Instagram etc. I try to not focus too much on what other people are working on and just go with the flow. To focus solely on growing Sick Studs and it’s own identity.

7) What kind of advice would you give to someone who is starting their journey as an entrepreneur in the fashion world?
My advice is to have heart. It is definitely not something to go into lightly. It takes a lot of hard work, but if you are willing to put in the time and effort it can also be an amazing experience. Since starting the brand I have met some amazing and creative people.
Personally, it is also a great sense of achievement to see something you designed in your bedroom, printed, hit the shop floor then to see fans of the brand wearing your designs in the city. It’s pretty great.

Check out to view/purchase all apparel and studs and their tumblr to see what’s making them tick at their headquarters.


Words: Anna Davies

Pics : Sick Studs facebook 

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