Homemade Hazelnut Iced Coffee

When one of our favourite bloggers Zara Hedderman posted this snap on her instagram, we had to ask her for the recipe!iced coffeeEnjoy!

Ground Coffee
Hazelnut Syrup
Half and Half  (half milk, half cream)
Bits N’ Bobs:
A large lunchbox
A sieve
1. Put 1 cup and a 1/4 cup of ground coffee in a lunch box and add 1 litre of Filtered water to the coffee. Cover the lunch box with            the lid, you don’t need to seal.
2. Leave the coffee and water mix stew for 12 hours.
3. Filter the coffee and water through a doubled over piece of cheesecloth placed inside a sieve. And this gives you the cold brew of      coffee!
4. Put the cold brew in a jug and put it in the fridge for about an hour before you use it.
5. Fill a glass with around 4 ice cubes, and fill the glass half way with the cold brew and then fill the rest of the glass up with the half        and half (mix of milk and cream) and then add around a tablespoon of hazelnut syrup to the glass.
6. Sip and explode in Iced Coffee Heaven!large (1)

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