Friday Loves…

Instagram page of the week… @newdarlings.
This is the type of feed that instagram was invented for. If you want to spend some time scrolling through beautifully taken photos of a beautiful couple then this is the place for you. Leave your cynical boots at the door and indulge!


Going Broke….at the Zara sales. Sigh. Every season, they just KILL me.

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Reading….The Internet of Pain: When suffering goes viral. By tabitha regular Roisin Kiberd. 

Celebrating... 10 TEN years of The Notebook this week. This is the Honest Trailer by Screen Junkies…always good for a lol.

Listening to… C’mon. You know it’s a choon.

Excited…. for Dublin PRIDE this weekend! To everyone who will be celebrating have a great one!!



Una & Louise, Editors , Tabitha Magazine xx 

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