Artist Love: Georgina Garrigan.

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“I am a twenty-four year old, self-taught illustrator who lives in Swords, Co.Dublin. I recently graduated from Trinity College where I studied a degree in Spanish and the history of art and architecture. After I finished my degree in 2013 I carried out some work experience in Marlborough Fine Art Gallery in London and then went on to complete a very rewarding internship at The Hunt Museum in Limerick. However, I have always enjoyed drawing in my spare time and have secretly dreamed of pursuing my artistic talents professionally. 

In April this year, after finishing my internship in March, I decided to pursue a certificate in graphic design to compliment my passion for drawing. I am also currently taking a course in Desktop Publishing so that I will acquire the Adobe software skills that are essential today in the design industry. In addition I am due to enrol on a Masters course in Creative Digital Media at DIT in September of this year. Therefore I hope to give myself every chance of carving out an artistic career within the digitally driven world we inhabit.

In terms of my career I am very ambitious and I hope that in the future I will have my own illustration, graphic design and digital media design business. My style of illustration is very experimental. I love depicting lifelike figures contrasted with areas of flat, bright coloured print or pattern. I tend to have a preference for drawing stylish women and cute animals but I am also very open to a change of subject matter. I still have a very long way to go and am constantly learning or coming up with new ideas for illustrations that I would love to try. I aim to set up my own website soon and am currently available for commissions “

twitter: @geogarri

instagram: @georginagarrigan

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