Summer Holiday Shopping…..


My friend asked me the other day to help her with her holiday shopping and me being the person who enjoys being super organised a little too much said yes of course. We are heading to Croatia in a few weeks for some much needed R&R so I have been searching sites and shops for the ultimate holiday essentials.

It has got me thinking (and laughing) about previous sun holiday shopping experiences I have had. They basically involved me spending too money on things I never needed. I have been very blessed with regards to holidays and have had one pretty much every year thanks to my wonderful parents in my childhood & teens years. I have gone from wanting too many sun visors (yes),  matching my bumbags to my cycling shorts and long t-shirts (bumbag tied around at the belly so half of long tee is sticking out over the shorts-you all remember this fab 90’s summer look), moaning about not wanting to wear a size xxl white tee in the swimming pool (thank you Mam for looking after my skin but I was so mad every moment it was time to put on the white tee, it seriously made swimming hard!) to wondering whether I should buy that five pack of fake gold toe rings in my most recent years.

Holiday shopping can be a serious headache. Every shop you enter, every site you click on offers TOO much choice. Brightly coloured signage luring you in shouting “Buy Me” and “Yes you will need this neon printed swimsuit with this neon embellished matching kaftan on the beach”  You don’t need any of it. Seriously I think it’s the sheer excitement of knowing that you are going to warmer climates that makes you think you need a belly chain and six pairs of different coloured flip flops – “But they are only 3 euro each!”

I’ve put together a little wishlist below and to any of our readers who are going on their holidays – enjoy!! Does anything beat getting away from it all and going  to the sun for a few days.

1. The Hat. So needed. Just one though for the pool & the beach, great for protecting your face and great for when you are stuck into a great book and the sun is blinding you.



Asos Catarzi Straw Hat

2. The Bikinis & swimsuits – Depending on how long you are going for I think 2 bikinis & one swimsuit (if you love them) will suffice for a week long sun break. It is so easy to get carried away and want every design and every print but less is more if even just for the baggage restrictions! Depending on your shape find the beach wear that suits your body. Some tips – those swimsuits that I have seen popping up online with the long sleeves, they look great but my God you will just sweat, same goes for the swimsuits with all the cut outs – unless you want ridiculous tan lines there is just no need for them.



Asos Stripe panelled swimsuit



Topshop Magnolia Bandeau Bikini

image1xxl (1)


Asos Mix and Match 50’s style bikini. I love online shopping and I am Asos’s biggest fan, it can be navigated so simply and to me it is easy breezy shopping, no fuss. I love the options of mixing and matching your bikinis and not having to buy a set if you don’t want to. This 50’s style is flattering to many women.

For the Feet… Daytime for pool & beach… I would say a pair of black flip flops (I know boring, jeez!) are perfect as they will go with any bikini/swimsuit/shorts/kimonos etc you purchase.

image1xxl (2)


River Island black flip flops.

Nightime … I seriously bow down to women who can bring heels on their hols. God bless the latest trend of birks and sliders because they are perfect holiday footwear for hitting the restaurants and going for cocktails.  Available in colours such as gold & silver they are perfect for the night time activities.



Topshop Double Strap Sandals



Office Hoxton Cross Strap Sandals

Daytime activities – depending on what you are up to a simple pair of cons, vans or espadrilles are perfect.



Schuh silver flats

image1xxl (3)


Converse White All Stars

The bags… One beach/pool bag and one going out bag and you are sorted!



H&M black clutch bag with strap

image1xxl (4)


New Look Metallic beach bag

Daytime pieces…. Depending on how hot the climate is that you are going to some simple dresses, kimonos, cotton tees & shorts are perfect.

image2xxl (1)


Asos reclaimed vintage levi shorts

image1xxl (5)


Monki boyfriend tee

image2xxl (2)


Asos White Kimono Dress

Night time pieces… It’s always nice to get dressed up at night, I think a few easy to pack, light pieces like below are perfect for those balmy holiday nights.



Zara lace playsuit

image1xxl (6)


Asos button through maxi dress



Zara printed dress


So there you have it just some ideas for your summer holidays and obviously don’t forget the P20 😉


Words: Lou, Co-editor of tabitha magazine x 




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