Coloured Wedding Dresses.

It’s a nice day for a whi….oh wait.

Vera’s doing it and Elie Saab is on it with an unreal collection but the question is, would you?

Not to get too serious but, aside from tradition, what does wearing white on your wedding day really represent?  A favourite quote of mine is from Sex and the City, when Steve’s mother compliments Miranda on not wearing white on her wedding day. “I admire you for not pretending…….I had a white dress on the outside and my little Jackie on the inside.”.

Today, the idea of a “white wedding” is ever changing and the fashion world is following close behind and I think we should commend the options being made available to us. Particularly us that are a shade more pale than interesting.

unnamed (25)


White does not suit everyone, it is a colour, which after our first holy communion, many avoid at all costs wearing. So why feel pressured into it on a day where you really want to look your best. Why not choose a colour which is actually your colour. Be an actual blushing bride is blush or be your own something blue.



unnamed (26)

unnamed (27)

unnamed (28)


And if for traditions sake you wish to still include white in your wedding, why not follow the oldest tradition of them all? Call in a fake tan ban and dress your bridesmaids in white taffeta.  Making your bridesmaids look undesirable is, after all, almost as important as the flower arrangements!!



Words : Sinead O’ Reilly 

Photos : tumblr 


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