These are a few of my favourite faux pas.

I stumbled upon a list recently of the, apparently, most criminal offenses to fashion. Turned out many of them are regular players in my wardrobe. Which theoretically can either prove that a) I am an idiot who knows nothing about clothes, fashion and basic social interaction or b) fashion is not something that should be bound to the restraints of right and wrong, it is there to liberate and be fun. I should mention at this point that although I am all for a liberal kind of dressing, I do not condone the wearing or the buying of crocs. I’m not calling it a faux pas; it’s just not my thing. Nor is showing your thong above your jeans, once again not judging, but also, not my thing. Here is a list however of the ‘faux pas’ which I do love.


Mom Jeans:
High waisted, long assed and nicely cuffed around the ankles. These are the stuff of 90’s dreams and mine. A staple for any American Apparel or Levis gunge girl at the moment, these jeans are my current best friend, amazing with crop-tops, amazing with heels, amazing when you
want a second helping at dinner. (Take that skinny jeans!) Mom jeans are your go to for a style/comfort combo and if, at times, repelling the opposite sex.


Socks and Sandals:
I love socks and sandals. I really do. It just combines two of my favourite things. Summer shoes and toasty toes. The last time I checked we lived Ireland. If you didn’t know, our summer can be slightly temperamental sometimes. A bit changeable. It is not a single flavour like salt and vinegar or cheese and onion; it is multi pack possibly also including smokey bacon. Therefore when wearing sandals in Ireland you cannot rely on showing off those (hopefully) polished toe-nails all day. S&S counteracts this with frills and lace and even glitter.


Underwear as outwear :
I’m studying my theory at the moment (I should be studying right now as  it happens) so I am learning the road signs. And I’m going to go ahead and put a big caution sign on  this one. A seriously non-gentle warning for this one. I do recognise not only the stigma, but also the
reasoning as to why underwear should never be on show, referring particularly back to the opening paragraph, where the low rise jeans/thong situation is brought up. HOWEVER, if worn in a certain, discretely discrete, not overly provocative way, it can, sometimes work. Now I’m not talking about seeing a hot pink bra under a white tee-shirt, nor seeing the back of a ‘nude’ bra in a backless dress, or (heaven forbid) the sight of those ‘see-through’ bra straps when wearing a strapless top. I’, talking about chiffon blouses sans a cami top underneath. Maybe an off white blouse with a blush pink bra underneath or black sheer on black and once again all with caution, because underwear, in my opinion, is the finest line of faux pas.


Words: Sinead O’Reilly

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