Coat Season.

Premature Jacketlation (this season’s coats at a glance)

You can ignore it all you want. Bury your head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening. Or. You can face facts and tackle the situation head on. Either way coat season is coming, so you can prepare yourself like a pro and get on with life or, you can be really cold and really A/W13.

So okay it is barely August. There is still sun yet to be soaked, festivals yet to be frequented and 99’s yet to be eaten, two at a time. With sprinkles.

Your wardrobe is most definitely still a mix of “less is more” ensembles, flower headbands and, at this point, more kimonos than a Japanese massage parlor. And although, the Happy Ending hasn’t come around for these items just yet still, (Autumn)Winter(2014) is coming.

Sounds a bit grim at the start of August, I know, but have a little peek at what it’s bringing with and you won’t be disappointed. Seriously, there is everything from shaggy sheepskin to shiny metallics to textures so thick it’ll send any sensible coat wearer into a frenzy. The coat is on its way, so adjust your kimono fringing and take a look.

Fur is turning sheepish.

Let it trim your collar. Let it grace your gilet. Or (as I am planning to do) simply let yourself be enveloped in this season’s second skin. An absolutely huge feature on catwalks this season, sheepskin has been given a longer and shaggier look than before, allowing it to have a much more dramatic effect.

Burberry Prorsum has kept to the traditional ‘sheep on suede’ but with the added ribbon belt around the waist for some feminine definition.


While Gucci has hit two massive impending styles of the season by going for a pastel blue.


Ice and Shine

In terms of colour, aside from the traditional neutrals, as mentioned before, ice-queen pastels of pinks, blues and lavenders will feature heavily on not just sheepskin but on more structured looks too.


Derek Lam.


Ralph Lauren.



In contrast to that, metallics will be shining bright in the coming months, with everything from subtler deep greens and purples to the brasher golds and silvers.

Preen By Thornton Bragazzi: Runway - London Fashion Week AW14


The proof is in the padding

Snow jackets once again forecasted this year. Rain proof, sleet proof, but thankfully not style proof.


Hunter original.

The quilting of this season allows you glamour and protection from the elements without the feeling of looking like the Michelin man.



In conclusion, although the thought of winter has everyone, myself included, clinging tighter to their kimono than ever. We need to chill out when the facing this year’s chill because, the looks of A/W14 is definitely going to have you covered.

Words: Sinead O’Reilly. 

Photos: Pinterest.

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