Micro Trend – Reflective Eyewear.

The sun may be receding but our lust for sunglasses never will. Aviators, wayfarers, cat-eye, round-lens…the list is endless and our mission to possess them all is nowhere near nigh. In the small, perfectly formed world of eyewear, a micro-trend has emerged by guise of mirrored sunnies. Formerly known as ‘creeper’ glasses (they conceal the eyes of the wearer so completely they could be looking anywhere unbeknownst to those around them…) this style of eyewear has had a hip make-over and now all of fashion’s coolest girls have a pair tucked away in their Chanel 2.55s. Get involved  –  we’ve hand-selected the best pairs available on the high street, just for you.

unnamed (72)


unnamed (73)


unnamed (74)


unnamed (75)


FIRST IMAGE: ASOS Round Sunglasses with Metal Bridge Detail and Mirrored Lens – 17EUR
SECOND IMAGE: Ray-ban Round Mirrored Metal Sunglasses – 193 EUR
THIRD IMAGE: Topshop Round Brow Detail Glasses – £16
FOURTH IMAGE: Nasty Gal Quay Cherish Round Shades – 30 EUR
unnamed (77)
unnamed (76)
unnamed (78)
Words : Aoife Byrne 
Photos : Tumblr 

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