The A/W Staple.

The warm cosy polo neck. Oh yes, knocking around for decades it is the one item you can’t live without for those Winter months and if you are anyway like me, which is freaking freezing,it is well needed for all those long, dark, cold days. I feel the cold so badly that I think scarves like below are acceptable.



You could seriously hide anything under that. I’m a Summer girl through and through. Nothing beats the feeling of the warm sun rays on your face and body for me and those long bright evenings watching sunsets and being warm. (so long Summer) I do, however love Autumn/Winter fashion and all the inspiration that goes up on tumblr/pinterest/instagram starting from the minute we feel that first bit of coldness which in Ireland has been for the last little while. Layering is fun and if this Winter is anything like the last one we will all be living in cosy knits, coats, scarves and hats for a while to come.

Apart from the coat, the polo neck (cable knit preferably), the more cosy it is the better, is the first A/W staple that is needed. It has to be a proper one that actually stays put around the neck, those ones that roll down are a no no for me.

Here is some inspiration for those days to come…

unnamed (86)


unnamed (85)






turtleneck pinterest




If anymore inspiration is needed – the one and only Mark Francis… lol.



Words: Louise Ryan, Tabitha magazine

Photos: Pinterest 


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