Elizabeth Olsen, Winter Style.

Winter is my favourite time for dressing. The pleasure that layering pieces gives me far outweighs the thrills people get from more plausible achievements like weight loss results or career advancements. Elizabeth Olsen is my winter wardrobe snow queen. What once began as a love affair with her enviably glossy mane (one sided affair-my side of course) blossomed into a sartorial crush. I love how she keeps her outfits incredibly simple and muted in both structure and palette, meaning that they will suit practically every complexion. This lends to Olsen being the quintessential source of style inspiration especially for Autumn/ Winter 2014.

Her natural, fresh faced and uncomplicated look makes Elizabeth stand out from those who have obviously had about five or six (at least) stylists and make-up artists hovering around them which is a far more attractive appearance. This couldn’t be more relevant for Irish girls to take note of; ditch the fake tan and embrace your natural colour. Don’t just apply this philosophy to your beauty regime, try to avoid obnoxious prints this winter and invest in good classic cuts; the definitive wool coat, good quality knits and the essential fedora hat to really turn heads for seasons to come. I suppose when your sisters own two hugely successful and amazing brands Elizabeth and James (named after Elizabeth and the Olsen’s Brother James) and The Row you’re never really stuck for something incredibly cool to wear at all times! Fear not having Mary Kate and Ashley on speed dial when high street stores like Zara and Cos continue to deliver the highest quality of clean lines, impeccable tailoring and at accessible prices too. My only gripe with Elizabeth’s style is her penchant for leather trousers and leggings, items I’m not overly keen on, but I overlook this and just imagine that they are black skinny jeans instead to accommodate my own preferences. That is the key to every perfect sartorial based relationship; compromise and knowing what you like and what suits you.

olsen 1 olsen 2 olsen 3Steal her style…. 
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Words Zara Hedderman

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