Halloween at Home.

Halloween is my favourite time of the year. It is the one night when it is universally acceptable (and expected, yay for worldwide peer-pressure!) to actively chase terror with the same ghoulish gusto as Yvette Fielding during her epic extra-terrestrial expeditions searching for the ghosts of chambermaids past. We willingly subject ourselves to terrifying scenes of bloodied brides, ruthless axe-murders and demonic animals (cats are always a favourite and they’re demonstratively evil for the other 364 days of the year) and that is just on your average Halloween display parading the streets of Dublin. The traditional “Halloween Night Out” in Dublin is probably more alarming than any Hostel or Human Centipede movie. I have seen Halloween costumes – bear in mind, Halloween costumes are traditionally supposed to be scary- such as sexy Tim Burton characters, sexy witches, and even sexy nuns for God’s sake! Why does scary have to be sexy? I suppose sometimes when the young nursing (another Halloween stereotype; the sexy nurse) student on an average Dublin night out tries to be sexy she inevitably ends up with scary results so she may as well live to her potential on a night dedicated to terror. Wow! Meeeeow that was catty but, black cats are one of the most recognised symbols of Halloween! Phew, nearly dug myself a grave there! It is because of these vulgar and vampish vampires taking over Dublin’s city centre that I prefer a more intimate gathering to put the spooky side of your imagination into overdrive. I have always preferred celebrating Halloween with friends at a house party or small gathering. In any situation and for all occasions when you are in the company of friends you are guaranteed to generate so much fun and laughter in one area you could to bring a graveyard to life. To ensure that you have a spooktastic Halloween I’ve put together the ultimate guide for a horrifically fun Halloween at home.

Don’t be scared, it’s only a little fun after all.

The Decorations.

Pumpkins are the pinnacle of Halloween decorating, but let’s be honest they smell pretty bad when you are scooping out the middle gunk. Alternatively, why not try something completely different and use a pineapple instead? Imagine the tropical smells wafting through your home in the lead up to all hallows eve, just be sure to wear some heavy duty gloves whilst carving! Add some extra spook to your fireplace with a mini estate of blackened houses that used to be juice cartons in a former life, complemented with some milk bottle ghost lanterns!

h1 h2 h3



The Food.

I relish any occasion where novelty foods are essential and you cannot be mocked for the countless hours you spent in the kitchen trying to achieve the countenance of Count Dracula. I think it’s pretty impressive how many times I slipped ‘count’ into that sentence, there’s so many examples that I’ve managed to lose count!! Getting back on track, these Halloween treats are incredibly simple to make and will give your party that extra delicious edge. Now, pass the toffee apples, I hear they’re to die for!


The Movies…

The films you watch on Halloween need not be so horrifyingly gruesome and psychologically thrilling because some of us would like to get a quiet and restful night’s sleep after all the festivities. Or should I say, rest in peace?

Here’s my list of movies that make Halloween all the more enjoyable and harrowing.

1) Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.
2) The Shining.
3) Hocus Pocus.
4)The Sixth Sense.


Perhaps music is more your thing, well fear not because here lies the only song you need to listen to on Halloween. Let us all remember how Michael wasn’t like other boys.

Tonight Matthew I’m Going to be…

And finally, the moment we’ve all been scrolling down for, the most entertaining part of Halloween; the costumes! I have always loved the process of preparing, sourcing and eventually wearing my Halloween costume. I have been a cheerleader, Amy Winehouse and Cheryl Cole (a rushed costume and not my finest hour, but by Geordie was my accent accurate) and while I am still trying to finalise this year’s masterpiece let us take inspiration from some celebrity costumes to get our creativity flowing. I also included Dame Edna Everage because I have always wanted to dress up as her, (or him?) alas I seem to annually forget to spray my hair purple and perfect my Australian accent. This year Possums!

h8 h9 h10 h11

Words Zara Hedderman
Blog: www.mumblesandstumbles.com

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