Friday Loves…  

Instagram Page of the Week:

@elenoracarisi :  Eleonora is the Founder of the amazing fashion and style blog and designer for What’s Inside You. From her Instagram posts you can see that Carisi has serious Italian style savvy. Her outfits will be your primary go-to inspiration while perfecting the art of winter layering. Prepare your wardrobe for an understated injection of navy, grey, white and black to your palette, sometimes combining all of these tones in one outfit. Also, Eleonora has an unbelievable mound of mane perfection; prepare your heated rollars immediately!!!
4 5 6

Songs that I’ve been shamelessly singing aloud…

Angel Olsen – “High Five”

Karen O – Crush Songs. The entire album on repeat, repeatedly. “Rapt” is particularly great, but listen to everything, it’s the weekend and you finally have time to do the things you’ve wanted to all week!

The Handiest Way to Nail Winter Trends…

The Feminist’s burnt their bras, now you must burn your mittens! With nail art this good, why would you want to cover them up? Just have a cup of piping hot tea/coffee/hot chocolate cradled in your hands at all times to stay warm.


nail art 1




Feeling Footloose…

I want these Zara Blucher with  fringe shoes desperately. Technically I don’t need them. Undoubtedly I will buy them. They are only 69.95eu after all. One word; Payday.



Snug as a Bug in my Winter Wardrobe mood board…

My hands are literally freezing as I type this, but these outfits are definitely keeping my flaming love of winter styling ablaze. I love nothing more than layering cardigans upon jumpers and big blanket scarves atop of the wooly landscape my shoulders become from October to January.


8 9 10


Words Zara Hedderman


Images via pinterest / instagram and zara online.

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