Decor Inspiration.

WARNING. This post contains the C word. Not that C word – Christmas!

Our Facebook feed may still be scattered with Halloween costume profile pictures, but, my friends it’s time to get real. Christmas is approaching , fast.
If you are in any way like me, you have intentions every year of decorating your home in such a fabulous Winter Wonderland style that you could make Santa himself jealous – but  also like me, you leave it too late and end up trying to untangle ancient decorations that have been sitting dusty in the attic since 1984 and when you try and buy some new ones in Penneys you find that everything decent  has been sold out for weeks. This year though, I pledge to change my ways. Not only am I going to plan my decorating, but I am going to start nabbing what I can before it’s all gone and I’m left with a Christmas tree covered in miss matched , broken baubles – AGAIN.

First up on my wish list are these amazing trinkets from April and the Bear….
IMG_9613 copy
What I love about these pieces is that even though they are festive, they also are beautiful enough to decorate your home with for the rest of the year! Win / Win.




Also for those of you who are thrifty, Pinterest is EXPLODING with cool Crimbo D.I.Y.’s .
846ca5753919539db805121615ed99f3 d12510b77867b4f0ccff92fee47ee770

Words : Una, Tabitha Magazine

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