Plus 1 for boohoo.

Nadia Aboulhosn, the awesome blogger, has been signed up to co-create a collection for boohoo’s plus sized range.  I hate the term plus sized blogger… why oh why is there any need for the plus sized bit? She takes amazing photos, wears amazing outfits, posts cool tips and stylish instagram photos.  I don’t see the need for the barrier between her and a ‘normal’ fashion blogger. However, society likes to label things and I guess for now, plus sized is what we have to go with.
boohooplussize2 jumper_zps72f7f199 nadiaaboulhosncreamdress_zpsf1986b2f orangebomberjacket_zps22dd8a97 unnamed
It really seems like the high street may just finally be listening to the needs of women over a size 16. Plus size ranges are definitely progressing. What was once a tiny dark  corner of very few stores featuring a selection of baggy blouses and stretchy leggings, is now a serious money making department in a variety of  stores , aimed at stylish women of different ages who want to dress trendy, sexy , stylish, slick and not want to compromise. Plus sized clothes are being designed now with a woman’s body shape in mind, and with the knowledge that plus sized women want to look just as good as someone who is a size 8. ( I know…I know…the  horror! )  I ‘m excited to see how the collection turns out between Nadia and boohoo, but if her personal style is anything to go by I imagine lots of cool staple pieces.
For any of you who can’t wait until the collection is released, here are a selection of my favourite plus sized pieces that I have found online…

Forever 21: Some slick casual pieces, coloured skinny jeans, biker jackets, loose tees.
00060105-04 52288930-03 f21

New Look: Sequins, Lamé and gorgeous basics.
newlook1 newlook2 newlook3 newlook4

ASOS: High Glamour, Sleek Silhouettes.

What do you guys think? Where do you shop?


Words: Una Tabitha Magazine
Images via / ASOS / NewLook  / Boohoo and Forever 21. 

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