Christmas Day Attire.

What does one wear on Christmas Day? I guess that can be answered by what you have planned. Do you stay in all day happily in a onesie, eating chocolate, watching Harry Potter or do you have to go out on Christmas Day visiting or maybe you go away for Christmas?

Do you like to dress up or keep it casual? I go between wanting to happily stay in my new fresh cosy pjs I get every year (thanks Santa) for whatever I am doing that day to wanting to make an effort of putting together a nice outfit to go visit my relatives. Here are a few pieces that have caught my eye online that I would be delighted to wear!


image1xxl (5)

Send him away lace up heels 

image4xxl (3)

Luxe Cigarette pants


Paper denim & cloth heavy knit

image4xxl (2)

leather look peg trousers

image1xxl (6)

Red sky monk ankle boots

image3xxl (1)

Sequined luxe top

image1xxl (7)

Mango bomber jacket



Midi dress


Printed brogues


Long trenchcoat


27S15GGLD_large (1)

Metallic pleat skirt


Margot patent boots


Ribbed funnel top


Ultimate faux leather jacket

If all else fails the Christmas jumper will do perfectly!

Lou, Tabitha magazine x 

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