Eat yourself clean.

We’re back to reality today on! We hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years. We definitely ate, drank, danced and partied our way through the entire festive season and even though we are sad that it’s all over , we’re secretly relieved. There comes a stage when all the excess becomes just too much and we crave for it all to be pared back – I guess that’s where January comes in. January is like the Tesco Value baked beans of the annual calendar – it’s as frill-less and basic as it gets.  So what better way to kick start our new year than with some delicious eating? I don’t mean the tayto sandwich washed down with a bottle of red wine sort of delicious that we all indulged in over the Christmas. I mean the kick in the bum, it’s January” let’s do this” type of delicious. Tasty and healthy but without being a snoozefest.

I have rounded up some of my favourite instagram accounts to follow for food inspiration. As a vegetarian, pretty much all of these are vegetarian based but fear not meat eaters – you can take inspiration from these pages / sites and use the dishes as a side to a healthy cut of meat. Or you can test out Meat Free Mondays and see how that goes!

1. Vegangela. // Instagram: @vegangela_food. 
I love love love vegangela’s website. Her recipes are so easy and don’t require hundreds of ingredients. I have found myself using a number of her recipes over and over and find them really easy to adapt to what I have in the cupboard / what I’m craving. For anyone looking to venture into vegan life, this is also the site for you. Even simply scrolling through her site will give you serious health inspiration. I especially love making the mango and avocado salad and the lentil curry.
2.The Happy Veggie: // Instagram: @happy.veggie

Be WARNED. There is a significant chance of water damage to your phone’s screen due to the sheer volume of drool this instagram page will force out of you! If you are a breakfast person, Ash the 18 year old Irish blogger who runs this site, is definitely the Queen of amazing healthy brekkies. Among the gorgeous recipes are also some really handy tips such as how and what to pack for a healthy lunch.
4563. Staple Foods. // Instagram: @staplefoods 
Staple Foods in Temple Bar is the perfect spot to pick up a healthy  lunch or grab a juice with a pal. Their instagram page is chocked full of inspiring ideas, and drool worthy menu previews. Eating out can be a tricky experience if you are trying to keep on the healthy path, but fear not at Staple Foods. With their wide range of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and meaty meals, there is definitely something for everyone. I especially love their falafel sandwich…mama mia too good to describe!
789Will you be trying out any healthy recipes in 2015? Let us know in the comments below!

Images via @vegangela_food @staplefoods @happy.veggie
Words: Una O’Boyle, Tabitha Magazine.


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