Retro Fashion : Baby Houseman.

‘Fess up. How many times did you watch Dirty Dancing over the festive period? It seemed like every time I turned on the TV it was on again. Was I complaining? Certainly not. We all know it’s cheesy and unrealistic and houses a million problems, but at the end of the day who doesn’t love re watching Baby shimmy her way into the arms of Johnny and kick it to THE MAN via dance in the process?

As obvious as it is, I just love Baby’s wardrobe in this movie. It’s all giant man shirts, tulle skirts, Breton stripes and knickers as pants. The simplicity each of the looks is what keeps them relevant today.  Break her wardrobe down to it’s basic elements and I’m pretty sure I and many others own each and every item. ( If only I owned her toned tum too – sigh)  Classic wardrobe staples never go out of fashion.

64bfab5b68f4c012cb74ed75b0031928   Dirty-Dancing_Jennifer-Grey_toned_skirt.bmp

Some Baby Inspiration….


€30 Etsy

€52 Scout

€52 Scout

€26 Zara

€26 Zara

€32 Schuh

€32 Schuh

€75 The Girl That Loves

€75 The Girl That Loves


€49 Folkster

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