Valentine’s Gift Guide.

Is it just me or does it feel like Christmas was just yesterday? We had gotten the all clear… gift season was o – v – e – r. Or so we thought. Step up Valentine’s Day. The annoying little blip in the year that usually makes you feel extra lonely (as a single person) under pressure to equate monetary value with love ( as a couple) or slightly guilty for not caring as much about the day as you think you should ( kind of where I am at.)
If you’re buying for your significant other, or simply want to spread the love I have put together a gift guide for you that hopefully will not break the bank and will leave you looking thoughtful!
If your Valentine is … Your Boyfriend.
Voucher for craft beer tasting session in the Beerhouse, Capel Street.
For the bloke in your life why not book an evening of craft beer sampling. (Most) boys love beer. They love tasting it, talking about it, comparing brews and sampling different types. Did I mention they love talking about it?
This present also doubles up as a cute date too! Prices start at €14.95 per person.
Book HERE.

Shaving Oil and Aftershave Balm Set from April and the Bear.
Secretly this gift is half for you. Who wants to feel like they’re kissing sandpaper? Ew. This set from April and the Bear is perfect for any boys with a penchant for not shaving!  Now reduced to €20.
BALM+&+OILIf your Valentine is… your BFF.
Hot Chocolate gift set from Avoca.
Who doesn’t love indulging in a hot chocolate on a chilly February night? Perfect for curling up with in front of some trashy reality T.V. show or silly rom-com this set costs €24.95 and will be like a big choc-latey hug for your bessie!
imageIf your Valentine is … your Mum.
Jo Malone Travel Candle, from Brown Thomas.
Gorgeous candles are not something that people generally purchase for themselves. That’s why receiving them as a gift is so lovely. Jo Malone candles are a classic and this Lime, Basil and Mandarin one is sure to freshen up any home. (Plus it sounds like a delicious recipe…seriously…can I eat it? ) €28.00
If your Valentine is… your dog.
Awesome DSPCA hooodie, from DSPCA online.
If your pooch is anything like mine, it loves being snuggly and warm and definitely shuns the cold. My dog absolutely loves wearing his hoodie for walks , so for any style conscious (or prone to cold) poochies in your life, this is definitely the gift for them! €19.00
Shop HERE.


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