Retro Fashion: 90’s Versace.

The 90’s we definitely the golden era for Versace. This fashion powerhouse was responsible for so many iconic red carpet looks ( hello Liz Hurley!) , billboard campaigns and model defining moments.
Bold, OTT , unapologetic and trailblazing – it’s easy to see why 90’s Versace still inspires fashion brands to this day.
Attempts have been made to re create this time both by the fashion brand itself and by the high street, however it will never be the same. 90’s Versace at the hands of Gianni and his model army represented excess, opulence , #FASHION and defined an era. Naomi , Cindy, Linda  and all the other Versace clad super models were the ultimate cool kids.
Gianni himself has been quoted saying “In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.” And in our opinion. the 90’s Versace club was definitely The Fashion Royal Family.
images linda-evangelista-versace-couture-ad-90s-baroque-2 Versace_F91_blog versace-1 versace-gold-supermodel-90s-baroque-print-121af3b446d1ddb0c05d918353a0c608028ef5e1e4af3ea77b34249acbf3e0d3777da6c9802af1a20d6b42be2a1ed528d195b0707cbf904df957355736c2e7a1b

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