With International Women’s Day (March 8th, save the date!) fast approaching, it’s time to pull together and celebrate and encourage everything that makes us amazing as women. Because we are, after all, pretty great!

For fashion lovers everywhere Success by M is the perfect way to celebrate women and to acquire a gorgeous stunning piece of jewellery at the same time. In short, it’s a total win win!

The collection, by Irish designer Melissa Curry, is a combination of elegance and encouragement. Described as a bar of strength, the subtle beauty of the bracelet is worn to inspire us as women on our constant journey to success.


Gift it, Tag it, Wear it.

The initiative is for women to share their own success with others. Inspire others by posting a picture with your bracelet, your story and, of course, the tagline #BEYOUROWNSUCCESS

So get involved and get creative, think of all the things that make you a success and celebrate them for International Womens Day 2015.

For more information check out the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/beyourownsuccess

Twitter https://twitter.com/beyourownsucces

Instagram http://instagram.com/beyourownsucces/


GIFT IT : Give Success to a girl/woman who you want to encourage & celebrate

TAG IT : Write your intention silently or share it universally: #Beyourownsuccess

WEAR IT : Wear your Success as a tangible reminder to believe and celebrate you.


Words: Sinead O’ Reilly 



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