Bottom Knottin’

This hairstyle reminds me of how I used to wear my hair to school because back in those days absolutely no one knew what a top knot was and if they did it definitely was not as popular!Low buns and especially ponytails were the style. Every time I see this hairstyle, which is a lot recently on all the top bloggers I can’t help but be reminded of low buns and ponytails I wore to school everyday. Now to be fair it was not stylish at all, it was a necessity to keep the locks away and it was bad enough having a curly fringe to deal with (God bless you hair straightners for being invented) than to have lots of hair annoying me!

Anyway cut to 20 years later (shudders) the fashion crew are making it look uber trendy and completely low maintenance, one hair tie needed and that is about it. Will you be trying out this look any time soon?

unnamed (79)

unnamed (78)

unnamed (77)

unnamed (76)

unnamed (75)

unnamed (74)


I came across these on Asos (favourite website spend too much time on it!) which add a nice touch to your messy bottom knot!

image1xxl (17)

Asos open circle hair tie

image1xxl (18)

Warehouse hammered tie back

image1xxl (19)

Love Rocks Pearl Sparkle Tie Back

Here’s my take on this easy breezy messy style…

unnamed (80)

Words: Louise Ryan. Tabitha magazine (@louiseryan19

Photos: Pinterest & Asos 


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